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Game Review: Bloodborne


BloodBorne, the long awaited successor to the Demon Souls/Dark Souls line-up developed by From Software and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, is a game that lives up to expectations while also changing the formula of its predecessors enough to make it original.   It sports a Victorian Gothic theme of experimentation with natural human chemistry and how experimentation with it eventually makes men beasts. It pulls from the era so well that the story narrative—as well as the visual representation—really calls to the popular stories of the 1900s and the curiosity surrounding the changing medical field, exemplified in books such as The Strange Case Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. As the player kills more beasts in the game, his clothing gets completely covered in blood. To further the feeling of the lycanthropic, scent is a pervasive concept in the conversations with non-player characters. Continue reading

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Editorial | Mobile Game Review: SimCity BuildIt

Nearly everyone who played PC games of any kind in the 1990s and early 2000s has played one of the iterations of SimCity.  My first introduction to the game was SimCity 3000, and I spent many happy hours creating multiple cities.  I learned pretty quickly that the key to “winning” that game was just to scrape by, barely making ends meet, until the city was old and populated enough to get a multiplex mall.  After that, the whole thing was a piece of cake.


A promotional screen shot from EA’s SimCity Buildit website.

Now, EA Games has paired up with Track Twenty to create a mobile version of the game for both IOS and Android devices.  The promo picture reminded me a lot of the promos from the Sim games of my childhood (I was addicted to The Sims as well), so I was pretty excited to try this game out. Continue reading

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Video Game Review: Lords of the Fallen


Lords of the Fallen is a third-person action/adventure game that is available for PS4, XBoxOne, and PC.  It is comparable in game-play to Dark Souls.  In fact, Lords of the Fallen has garnered a reputation as “Souls lite.”  Yes, they did a lot of heavy leaning on Dark Souls, but Deck 13 was clearly influenced by a smattering of other games that gave this game a different feel altogether. Some elements of the characters came from God of War, and the ornate weapons and armor are similar to designs in World of Warcraft or Diablo.  The castles and snowy mountain setting really reminded me of Skyrim, and the gauntlet pick-up and scattered audio logs that play without pausing the action hearken back to Dead Space. Continue reading


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Guest Blog|Dark Souls 2 review *Spoilers*

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

This review will be discussing plot points which may be considered spoilers. Consider yourselves warned.

I stood in line for about an hour waiting patiently for my copy, like a pilgrim in line to see a relic.  I had pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 Black Armor Edition way back in September, and it was finally release day.  The first guy to get his big box o’ goodness had no troubles, but I flinched when ALL the clerks had to head to the back to find my copy.  After a minute that seemed like an eternity, they all irreverently resumed their positions after finding my copy of the game.  I left the store like all the other gamers that night, with a huge box in a bag that somewhere inside held a world contained on a 180mm by 1.2mm disc.  It was a world I was anxious to explore.  I got home and opened my prize. There she was, right on top after opening the flap.  I ripped off the cellophane and popped the disc into my PS3.   The title screen, the same as the first game, allayed my fears of drastic change.  In the end, this was false hope.

Heide’s Tower of Flame

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