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The Fit 4 Con Challenge

Recently I was catching up on podcasts while returning from my employment-imposed exile in Georgia.  One of my favorites, The Rooster Teeth Podcast, was discussing a fitness challenge they were involved in during the lead up to RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo).  This got me thinking (something I should never be allowed to do in a car).   As a result, I will be starting my own personal, fitness challenge in the lead up to NY Comic Con.  I have written briefly about how there is a physical stereotype of geeks, and I am no exception.  In order to remedy this, I will be working out regularly, eating better, and posting periodic updates so you can both keep me honest, and amuse yourselves by my treadmill based suffering. There are 102 days till NYCC, so lets see what transformation I can pull off!

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Around the Web June 28, 2013

This story is pretty interesting, both because of how much influence technology has on our lives including our political process and because of how cyclical history can be. Just sit back and watch the pendulum swing. Hopefully we can take a few of these lessons and protect ourselves again.


Somehow the black windows make this place look just a bit more sinister.

Some of these pictures are far more clever than anything I could come up with.


Still not sure I’d want to do any of these things. 30 years from now I don’t know if I’d want to look back on this.

What would the internet be without Bear GryllsWill he drink his own urine?  Guess you’ll just have to watch and find out. As a side note, my friends and I actually did this while trying to park in Manhattan.

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Killing Time till Game of Thrones S4

Now that HBO’s Game of Thrones is over for the season, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my newly found free time while I wait nearly a year for the next season to start.  Given how dedicated geeks can be to our favorite shows and movies, I’ve compiled a few suggestions on how to pass the time while waiting for the next season to start:

1)  Catch up on chores around the house.  While that eight foot tall, Leaning Tower of Pisa made entirely of dishes may not bother you, it’s still probably a good idea to take care of it before your neighbors or roommates call the Health Department.

2)  Exercise. I’m sure that the couch is really comfortable (mine is), and you really don’t like sweating (Amen!), but we geeks have a reputation for not being in the best of shape.  Just think of it as playing an RPG: if you don’t level up, you will get your ass kicked. Maybe it’ll even help you pick up that hot booth babe at your next con (Look, a man can dream, can’t he!).

3)  Learn a new skill.  Maybe you can learn woodworking, or how to cook.  You can even give your creations some geek flair. What better way to start off your season premiere party than with a huge platter of Klingon Gagh?  A few weeks ago we shared an article from Popular Mechanics explaining how to make a vintage style gaming table.  How cool would it be to show this off to all your friends? It would make them greener than the Hulk!

4)  Spend time with your family.  Remember those people who love you?  Yeah, them.  You’ve probably been ignoring them for the last few weeks while you’ve been obsessing.  Time to remind them you’re still alive.  Go ahead!  Give grandma a call.  I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

5)  Expand your geek knowledge. Recently we mentioned that knowledge is a key element of being a geek, so take this down time to expand your horizons.  I know I am.  Check out that run of X-Men you’ve always meant to read; or maybe finally get around to playing that X-box game your friends have been raving about for the last 5 years (I’m kind of ashamed of the stack of games I’ve got that I have yet to play).

There are approximately 300 days left until the Season 4 Game of Thrones premier.  Go forth, and use them wisely!!   (Or just read all the posts on the Song of Ice and Fire Forum.)


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Winning Science June 26, 2013

This one almost leaves me speechless. This reminds me of A Scanner Darkly.  I’m not sure what is worse, the fact that my tax dollars paid for a Death Ray, or that my tax dollars paid for a Death Ray that DIDN’T WORK. If you’re gonna waste money on a Death Ray, it had better work, damn it!


At least when Keanu was narcing on himself, he was too stoned to know better. What is the FBI’s excuse?


I’ve seen enough movies to know that aliens showing up at our doorstep doesn’t usually end well for humanity.  It probably won’t help their mood if we bombard them with whatever random crap the internet decides we should send them.  Also, Stephen Hawkings basically gave the BBC a recap of the plot of Independence Day, and they apparently didn’t notice.


Come on people, I saw this movie when I was 11. Even Jeff Goldblum figured it out!

As someone with a family history of diabetes, I think this is pretty cool.  It looks like we’re still a long way from functional artificial organs, but every step we take helps us improve life for millions.


However, as someone who went to college, I’m wondering when the artificial liver will be on its way.

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