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Editorial | Review: Into the Woods


Into the Woods is the holiday movie that stitches together several of the Grimm brother’s fairy tales into a single yarn with fantastic sets and brilliant costumes, not to mention magnificent special effects.  Based on the Broadway musical, this adaptation gets a lot of things right, although I did find a few aspects either odd or off-putting. Continue reading

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Editorial | Review: Horns

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

This review will be discussing plot points which may be considered spoilers. Consider yourselves warned.


When I first realized that a movie based on a novel by Joe Hill was coming to theaters October 31, my interest was piqued.  I hadn’t read Horns, but I have read some of his other stuff, including Locke & Key, which is gothic mystery/fantasy graphic novel series set in New England.  Sadly, the big screen interpretation of his book, while visually stunning, was disappointing. Continue reading

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Review | Alien Legion: Dead and Buried

AlienLegionOmnibus_Dead_and_Buried_new_.jpg.size-600Alien Legion: Dead and Buried (Titan)
Written by Charles Dixon, Pencils by Larry Stroman

I love a good action comic—a book that has all the hallmarks of a summer blockbuster, but that can be held in my hand and enjoyed any time I feel like it. Alien Legion: Dead and Buried, from Titan Comics, fills that need and does so in all the right ways. This new trade paperback collects Alien Legion 1-12, originally printed by Epic in the mid 1980s. Continue reading

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Saturday Reviews: MEKA

Over the past two days I’ve been reading the graphic novel MEKA from Magnetic Press, written by JD Moran and illustrated by Bengal.  The book is about the two pilots of that staple of Japanese science fiction, the giant robot, called a Meka.  Lieutenant Enrique Llamas and Corporal Ninia Onoo are the pilots of one of the white Mekas, which is badly damaged in a battle against the Western red Mekas, whose owners want to enslave the people Llamas and Onoo are trying to protect. Continue reading

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