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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 52, Gone War Gaming


In which, Andrew and staff writer Joseph De Paul AKA Dude get together to discuss cost-of-living in various areas of the country… just kidding, they are talking about tabletop war games, from the very beginning.  Dude provides a pretty thorough, concise definition of a war game, and he and Andrew discuss the moment when they realized that loving tabletop miniature games is not a given in everyone’s lives, and the moment when they fell out of love with them.  They both admit that they have never played Settlers of Catan (at which Tracy was duly horrified).  Dude also describes what is, in his opinion, pretty much the perfect war game: Commands & Colors Ancients, and discusses why he thinks girls don’t like playing wargames.

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Staff Writer | Girls Go to War, Pt. 1

Now-a-days it is very hard to be a part of anything geeky without the topic of gender/sex coming up. It’s a topic I am fascinated with. Fans of things like comics, video games, or action movies are stereotyped as overweight, socially awkward man-children. Of course, this is not a perfect representation of geeks, as anyone who reads this site could tell you.


Joan of Arc

However, one can’t escape the fact that boys tend to outnumber girls by a wide margin in other areas of geekdom. One of the place where this is most apparent is among the very niche genre of war-gaming. especially table top and board games. While the gals have proliferated almost every other realm of geekdom, however this is one in which their presence is almost non-existent. I want to figure out why, if possible and what it tells us, if anything? Continue reading


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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 51, Deadpool


In which, Andrew is flying solo for the very first time on the podcast, and reviews the brand new Marvel blockbuster Deadpool.  He is not a big fan of Deadpool, but surprised himself at how much he enjoyed the movie.  He also covers why comic fans love the characters that they love and why one actor’s commitment to his role can make a mediocre character into an awesome reason to go see a movie; and builds an old fashioned pros and cons list for the Deadpool movie.

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The Superhero: Marvel vs. DC

Since the early 1960s, comics have been dominated by two major publishers, Marvel and DC. Despite both publishers being primarily focused on the same type of comics—namely superheroes—each has a distinct feel. While a reader may not be familiar with a particular character, if they are at all familiar with the Big Two, it is pretty easy to determine which publisher the book came from. The natural question then is, if both publishers are putting out what is essentially the same type of book, why do they feel so different? The best answer I have heard, and the one that I’m going to explore in this post, is the idea that DC characters are gods attempting to be man, while Marvel’s are men attempting to be gods. Continue reading

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