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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 41, B-more and More

12027732_773884546070625_133051484303905825_nIn which Andrew, Tracy, and Becky talk about Becky’s first convention, Baltimore Comic Con.  Becky discusses cosplaying at a medium convention, her impressions of the whole thing, and we discuss other first time con-goers.

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Editorial | Con Man – Now I Want the Full Story

If you hadn’t already heard the hype (and who hasn’t already heard the hype?), there’s a new web series in town created by Alan Tudyk, better known as Wash from Firefly and Serenity, and the first four episodes just became available to everyone on Vimeo for on demand!  Of course, the premier was announced four hours ago, so most of you have already watched it, right? (Of course, those who backed the IndieGoGo project several months ago like I did got to watch the episodes on Monday).

Well, just in case you totally loved Con Man, but needed another opinion to validate your own, let me tell you about my experience watching the first four episodes Continue reading

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Staff Writer | Review: The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan just made a movie that doesn’t look like it outright sucks! I gots to see this!

He sat in the theater seat, popcorn and icee in hand— a total violation of his diet—waiting to see if the rumors are true. “Could it be?” our movie going hero thought. “Could this movie not be a total crapfest?!” The lights of the theater dimmed, he readied himself…  but first twenty minutes of trailers and commercials!




….The movie credits rolled, the lights came up. 

“Mother of God” he said “Why did I wear my sunglasses the whole time?!”

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Weekend Review: Unit 44

From time to time, I come across an independent or small press comic that really blows my mind with humor and art.  Locke and Key was one such experience.  Unit 44 is another.


Unit 44 (Alterna Comics)
Written by Wes Locher

Illustrated by Eduardo Jiménez

The artistic style of this book is very bright, simple, and playful, which really matches the silly story and humor.  Rather than being realistic the characters are caricatures, and drawn two dimensionally, in a style reminiscent of Archer.  The color palette continues the cartoon theme, using lots of bright primary colors.  Even panels in which the characters are in dark, federal offices or interrogation rooms, the grays and blacks are broken by bright hair colors or even surprising uses of blue and violet. Continue reading

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