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Saturday Review: Munchkin #1

Screenshot_2015-01-31-11-24-46Munchkin (BOOM! Studios)
Written by Tom Siddell and Jim Zub
Art by Mike Holmes and Rian Sygh

Christmas morning is a magical time that comes but once a year. Most people wake up and gather around the tree to tear open their gifts and see what Santa has brought them. I, on the other hand, spent my Christmas morning fighting monsters and stabbing my friends in the back for fun and profit. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I was playing Munchkin! For those poor souls that haven’t been fortunate to play this amazing game, it is…amazing (shhhh, I haven’t had coffee yet). This week the Munchkin brand has finally expanded into comics with Munchkin #1. Continue reading


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Around the Web January 30, 2015

Of course the biggest news this week is the announcement of an all female cast for the reboot of Ghostbusters. Reactions have been mixed and I have to say that I’m a bit skeptical myself. Now, to be clear, I have no issue with the fact that it’s an all female cast, or any of the specific women that were cast. My skeptisism comes from the idea of the movie being a reboot. Sure, I’d love another Ghostbusters movie and when this one comes out, you can bet that I’m going to go see it. But as a friend of mine recently put it, why would you reboot what is possibly the most perfect comedy in history? Unfortunately, no matter how good the movie is, it is likely that people will think less of it because of its amazing predecessor. On the positive side,  both Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson have come out in support of the new cast (as has Terry Crews).


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Comic Book Copycats

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so the old saying goes. While this might be true sometimes, it is just as often the excuse given to justify taking someone else’s ideas and trying to claim them as one’s own. The comic industry is no exception. From the very early days, once a hero started to become popular, it was only a matter of time before someone else was slapping a slightly different costume on an eerily similar creation and packaging it to sell.


Captain Marvel (Shazam)

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Old School Pizza: Nostalgia Done Right

There’s nothing quite like playing beach volleyball when the majority of people you know are freezing to death back home.  While most of my friends were complaining about the cold snap over New Year’s holiday, I was fortunate enough to be vacationing in Florida.  I should mention that I’m a big foodie, so when I go anywhere I prefer to find local spots to fill my belly with new experiences.  One night during my sojourn, I found myself craving pizza and I asked the friend I was staying with if there were any local pizza places.  His answer was no, which wasn’t really surprising given that we were in an area of the country that has a large population of retirees, but I must admit that his disconsolate face harshed my party buzz.  What is a fellow to do?DSCN0051

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