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Editorial | Mobile Game Review: SimCity BuildIt

Nearly everyone who played PC games of any kind in the 1990s and early 2000s has played one of the iterations of SimCity.  My first introduction to the game was SimCity 3000, and I spent many happy hours creating multiple cities.  I learned pretty quickly that the key to “winning” that game was just to scrape by, barely making ends meet, until the city was old and populated enough to get a multiplex mall.  After that, the whole thing was a piece of cake.


A promotional screen shot from EA’s SimCity Buildit website.

Now, EA Games has paired up with Track Twenty to create a mobile version of the game for both IOS and Android devices.  The promo picture reminded me a lot of the promos from the Sim games of my childhood (I was addicted to The Sims as well), so I was pretty excited to try this game out. Continue reading

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