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Geeks You Should Know: Dan O’Bannon

In general, a person is rarely considered to be influential when they have contributed only a small handful of works to a particular field, especially when those works are not considered to be complete game changers. I would argue, however, that Dan O’Bannon is one of a few people who are very influential on the world of film.

Dan O'Bannon as Sgt. Pinback in Dark Star

Dan O’Bannon as Sgt. Pinback in Dark Star

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Review: Alien: River of Pain


Watching Aliens, the one question that comes to mind more than any other is what happened to the colonists on LV-426. Most of them ended up as face-hugger fodder, but how did things go from life as normal to unimaginable horror? The new book from Titan Books Alien: River of Pain tells readers exactly what happened, in all of its terrifying detail. Continue reading

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