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My Favorite Trek Episodes – DS9 “The Homecoming”, “The Circle” and “The Siege”


With yesterday’s announcement of a brand new Star Trek series premiering in 2017, I felt it was time to share another of my favorite Star Trek episodes. This time around I’m going to cheat a little and talk about three of them, “The Homecoming,” “The Circle,” and “The Siege” from Deep Space Nine. This trio of episodes focuses around the return of Bajoran war hero Li Nalas during a time of serious upheaval as the Bajoran Provisional Government begins to fall apart and civil war looms. Continue reading

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Staff Writer | City on the Edge of Forever

Earlier this year the crew over at IDW released the hard cover of the Graphic Novel adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s second draft teleplay of the famous Star Trek original TV series episode “City on the Edge of Forever.” This is one of the most famous and well-loved episodes of the original series as well as one of the most controversial.

There are two things that make “City on the Edge of Forever” stand out in the Star Trek canon. The first is that it is a fantastic episode. It was well designed, well-acted, it guest stars a young Joan Collins, and had a tragic ending. The other was that it was written by science fiction titan Harlan Ellison and then changed, pretty much beyond recognition, by Star Trek show runners. Continue reading

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Kickstarter Q&A with Joe Badon

Since starting Therefore I Geek, we’ve had the good fortune to be able to share quality independant projects that are in need of a little crowdfunding. Recently we had the oppurtunity to discuss one such project, The Man With Ten Thousand Eyes, with its creator  Joe Badon. Make sure to head on over and support Joe and his project.

Therefore I Geek: Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself to get started?

Joe Badon: My name is Joe Badon. I’m 38 years old. I live in Slidell, Louisiana (where I was born and raised). It’s just outside of New Orleans.
I’ve been a freelance illustrator since 2008. I have a wife and two teenager girls (and a dog).

TIG: How did you get into comics?

JB: I started reading comics at a pretty young age. My dad had Zapp Comix and underground hippie comics and my older brother had Marvel and DC Comics. I always leaned toward the weirder stuff. Continue reading

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 33, Anna Mitchell of Capital Con

capital con

In which Andrew talks with Anna Mitchell, President of Capital Con. Based on Andrew’s conversation, this is one up and coming con that is sure to please. From Sci-Fi and Fantasy to a pretty fantastic cosplay drag breakfast, it’s going to be hard to top Capital Con.

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