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Therefore I Geek Episode 97, The Movie Going Experience


In which, Andrew, Dude, and Tracy sit down to talk about the news of the day and then discuss why people go (or don’t go) to the movies these days.  We also talk about geek conventions that didn’t go as planned, the latest development in the ongoing Star Trek fan film Axanar, and what the Star Wars creative team is doing about Princess Leia in the wake of Carrie Fisher’s passing before diving into the topic of the day.

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Geeks You Should Know: Dan O’Bannon

In general, a person is rarely considered to be influential when they have contributed only a small handful of works to a particular field, especially when those works are not considered to be complete game changers. I would argue, however, that Dan O’Bannon is one of a few people who are very influential on the world of film.

Dan O'Bannon as Sgt. Pinback in Dark Star

Dan O’Bannon as Sgt. Pinback in Dark Star

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