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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 35, All Things Alien

Alien 2

Where Andrew, Kyle, Kurt and Daryl spar over the finer points of the Alien franchise. There’s plenty of great things to talk about, though unfortunately, Alien3 was also discussed.


Show Notes: (Complete Show Notes will be coming shortly. We apologize for the delay.)




Alien: Resurrection

AVP: Alien Vs. Predator

AVPR: Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem


H.R. Giger

Dan O’Bannon

Dark Star


Ron Shusett

Ridley Scott

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Roger Corman

Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars artist)


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Review: Alien: River of Pain


Watching Aliens, the one question that comes to mind more than any other is what happened to the colonists on LV-426. Most of them ended up as face-hugger fodder, but how did things go from life as normal to unimaginable horror? The new book from Titan Books Alien: River of Pain tells readers exactly what happened, in all of its terrifying detail. Continue reading

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Winning Science September 12, 2014

Ever have that moment–perhaps at the DMV–when you wondered if the person you were talking to were actually brainless? Well a woman in China can truly make that claim, at least in part.  After she received a brain scan for dizziness and nausea, it was discovered that her entire cerebellum was missing.  Turns out, the woman is one of only nine known adults to have been born with this condition. While it is not unheard of for this to happen, the vast majority of persons who suffer from it die at a young age. In this woman’s case, the only symptoms were slightly impaired motor functions and a mild slur when she speaks. It says a lot about how well put together our bodies are when they can compensate for things like this.

missing cerebellum

I suspect that the people I yell at are actually just morons. Continue reading

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Winning Science January 9, 2014

Scientists from the US and Canada making use of the Spitzer Space Telescope to study brown dwarfs have made some interesting discoveries. These celestial bodies which are not quite stars, but not quite planets may have rain in the form of molten iron.  Picture being in a deluge, only instead of water, super hot, melted metal is pouring from the sky.  Scientists identified the weather patterns by looking at the infrared light that the brown dwarfs emit and observing variations in it, which indicate changes in weather.

Brown dwarfs fall somewhere in the middle between stars and planets.

Brown dwarfs fall somewhere in the middle between stars and planets.

Somehow this makes Seattle’s weather not seem so bad.

Ever since the Fukushima disaster the nuclear industry has been looking for new ways to turn itself around. Their latest attempt to do so is the Small Modular Reactor (SMR). These reactors are less than 300 Mw, but are often much smaller than this. The reactor can be built in a factory somewhere and then transported to wherever it is needed.  Because of their size and design features these reactors are safer than their larger counterparts and can be placed underground, making them less vulnerable to terror attacks (an unfortunate modern design consideration). The Russians are already jumping on the SMR bandwagon with a modified version of their submarine reactor mounted on a barge.


An example of a SMR.

SMRs are actually not a new concept. The US Army experimented with Stationary Low-Power Reactors in the 1950’s for use in arctic stations. Unfortunately, the design and operation was flawed, resulting in the SL-1 meltdown which killed three operators.

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer is up to his old tricks again. Mr Hellyer is the only official of a major government to publicly admit to the existence of aliens. You know, those little grey guys that Mulder and Scully were chasing down back in the 90’s. Hellyer made his first public declaration in 2005 and has since stated there are eighty different species of aliens, most of which either don’t care or are not willing to help us.  Of course, they don’t help us because we are too “warlike” and because we have nukes.

Cue spooky music.

Cue spooky music.

Somehow I get the feeling that they are fully capable of dealing with nukes, having mastered interstellar travel and all that.

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