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Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 75 Batman: The Killing Joke


In which, Dude breaks down the new animated feature film Batman: The Killing Joke.  Meanwhile, in another part of town, Andrew and Tracy discuss the original graphic novel by Alan Moore that inspired the film.  We talk about book-ending in writing and art for a satisfying novel, as well as briefly discussing the controversy surrounding this book–especially Gail Simone’s take on “women in refrigerators.”

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 70, Axanar: Star Trek, Fair Use, And Fan Filmmaking


In which, Andrew, Tracy, and Dude discuss the new restrictions handed down by CBS and Paramount regarding Star Trek films.  Andrew and Dude end up on opposite sides of the opinion spectrum regarding what does and what should constitute a copyright–with Andrew arguing from the viewpoint of the struggling artist, and Dude arguing from the viewpoint of a good public relations campaign.  Intrigued?  You should be.

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 68, Censorship and Geek Culture


In which, Tracy and Dude follow up on the previous podcast on freedom of speech with a podcast on censorship and how it is different for geek culture than it is in the larger American culture.  We discuss the difference between bottom up and top down censorship, the difference between voting with one’s wallet and screaming for censorship of art, and why the religious right of the 80’s and 90’s are both similar and not to today’s third wave feminists and progressives.

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Editorial | The Best Laid Schemes…

This weekend was a very traumatizing one for me.  I had planned to go to Easter service on Sunday morning, and then enjoy a leisurely BBQ with friends before sitting down to write the Monday Editorial for the blog.  However, that was rudely interrupted by the most important guy in my life:  my dog Pablo.


I always dreamed of getting a Rottweiler rescue that would be my companion roaming through woods and camping for long weekends.  I wanted a dog I could wrestle on the floor.  However, fate had other plans, and Pablo ended up in my life.  He’s the one constant in a changing world as things get topsy turvy from time to time.  One of the big changes was my cell phone number.  Unfortunately, I failed to update Pablo’s tag with a working number right away. Continue reading


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