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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 43, Literary Influences Revisited

ettkc32bi8wz9e39qercIn which, Andrew and Tracy revisit the topic of literary influences.  We discover that most of Andrew’s are sci-fi books that have since been turned into movies, and that Tracy is a little too passionate about C. S. Lewis.  Also we get sidetracked on Hunter S. Thompson, the libertarian views of Robert Heinlein, and the bizarre scientific theory that led six men to take a balsa wood raft from Peru to the Polynesian islands (a trip that took 101 days) in 1947.

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Saturday Review: From Under Mountains

From Under Mountains 1From Under Mountains (Image)
Writers: Claire Gibson and Marian Churchland
Artist: Sloane Leong

It’s no secret that we at Therefore I Geek are fantasy fans. And while Tracy is more of one than I am, I am by no means a slacker. The biggest difference is that while she gets her kicks from novels that usually weigh more than a newborn, I tend to go a bit more lightweight and go for comics (shocking, I’m sure). This week Image Comics debuts a brand new comic series From Under Mountains, which has of course, pique my fancy. Continue reading

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Around the Web February 6, 2015

After George R. R. Martin managed to piss off just about every nerd on the planet by effectively coming out and saying that the next Game of Thrones book isn’t coming out this year, he decided to do something nice for a change. Mr. Martin recently donated a rare, first edition of The Hobbit to the library at Texas A&M in honor of their receiving their 5 millionth volume. Not only is this an impressive feat for a library, but it’s also nice to see Martin celebrating it with the college through his gift. Additionally, Martin will have a public reading of excerpts of the book, which will be free and on a first come first served basis. Martin became familiar with the library in the 70’s, when he started attending local scifi/fantasy cons at the school.

Worried that he won't finish his most famous series?  Martin has something for you.

Worried that he won’t finish his most famous series? Martin has something for you.

Martin has previously donated several other items to the library.

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 21, 2014 Year In Review


In which, Tracy and Andrew talk about the WHOLE year in geekdom.  Yes.  The whole year.  Also, we are joined by Kurt Klein, one of our new staff members.  Tracy reveals her favorite numbers, and Andrew (for the first time!) avoids telling an offensive joke.

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