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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 63, Captain America: Civil War


***** SPOILER ALERT *****
This podcast will be discussing plot points of comics and movies which may be considered spoilers. Consider yourselves warned.

In which, Dude and Becky fill in for Andrew & Tracy due to unforeseen circumstances and cover the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.  Dude, in a moment that surprises literally no one, hated the movie, while Becky actually liked it.  They discuss awkward closeups, the implosion of Marvel’s greatest bromance, and wonder why the female superheroes do not get the same treatment as the males.

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The Superhero: Marvel vs. DC

Since the early 1960s, comics have been dominated by two major publishers, Marvel and DC. Despite both publishers being primarily focused on the same type of comics—namely superheroes—each has a distinct feel. While a reader may not be familiar with a particular character, if they are at all familiar with the Big Two, it is pretty easy to determine which publisher the book came from. The natural question then is, if both publishers are putting out what is essentially the same type of book, why do they feel so different? The best answer I have heard, and the one that I’m going to explore in this post, is the idea that DC characters are gods attempting to be man, while Marvel’s are men attempting to be gods. Continue reading

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 21, 2014 Year In Review


In which, Tracy and Andrew talk about the WHOLE year in geekdom.  Yes.  The whole year.  Also, we are joined by Kurt Klein, one of our new staff members.  Tracy reveals her favorite numbers, and Andrew (for the first time!) avoids telling an offensive joke.

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Around the Web May 16, 2014

Knowing how much we all love Game of Thrones, NicksplosionFX has combined that love with the cultural icon Super Mario. This this video, Nicksplosion faithfully recreates the introduction to GoT, except that he replaces locations like Kings Landing and Winterfell with various sites from the Mario classic Super Mario World.

I’m also pretty amused by the 8-bit soundtrack he decided to include. It’s a nice touch.

By now I’m sure everyone is aware that Harrison Ford has joined on for Star Wars VII, VIII, and IX, along with Carey Fisher and Mark Hamill. What is nearly as exciting is that Ford will also be reprising his role as Rick Deckard in the sequel to Blade Runner. Ford has made it clear that he was very interested in returning to the role, and recently Alcon Entertainment has made a public offer for Ford to do just that.

He say you Blade Runner!

He say you Blade Runner!

Not only is Harrison Ford on board, but Ridley Scott has also signed on to the project. Scott directed the original 1982 classic.

If you have been living under a rock for the last week, then you missed the internet going crazy over pictures of Ben Affleck as Batman. While many people were busy discussing the newly redesigned Batmobile, several others couldn’t help but start nitpicking Batman’s costume. Now admittedly, the costume looks pretty crappy, especially given how great the costume was in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but it’s also distinctly possible that this costume was made up just to take these pictures and was done so in a hurry. This wouldn’t be the first time that something released way before the film looks like crap. Anyone remember the teaser trailer for Spider-Man?

This trailer was total crap and the movie was just fine so I think the internet just needs to take a deep breath.

Wrapping up this week, we’ve got a brief history of the arcade game. Going all the way back to 1909 and the invention of Skee-Ball, we track the progression through pinball and Pac-Man to the modern era of arcade gaming. Even though it’s brief, there are some great little bits of trivia jammed in there, such as the fact that Skee-Ball lanes were originally thirty six feet long (a little over half the length of a bowling lane).


I’d love to have a couple old arcade games, but they’re a little pricey. But hey, if anyone wants to donate one to the Therefore I Geek cause (working or not), I’m game for it.

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