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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 63, Captain America: Civil War


***** SPOILER ALERT *****
This podcast will be discussing plot points of comics and movies which may be considered spoilers. Consider yourselves warned.

In which, Dude and Becky fill in for Andrew & Tracy due to unforeseen circumstances and cover the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.  Dude, in a moment that surprises literally no one, hated the movie, while Becky actually liked it.  They discuss awkward closeups, the implosion of Marvel’s greatest bromance, and wonder why the female superheroes do not get the same treatment as the males.

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Saturday Review: Secret Wars #9

Secret Wars 9 1

Secret Wars (Marvel)
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Esad Ribic


For those who haven’t been keeping up, the world ended. At least for a very short moment, until it was remade into Battleworld by God Doom. Then a bunch of other stuff happened and we all find ourselves in issue 9 of an 8 part mini-series. And no, that’s not a typo. Secret Wars #9 is the final chapter of an eight issue summer event (the term applies rather loosely at this point). Needless to say this was a fitting, if odd, ending to Marvel’s most recent universe reshaping.
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Saturday Review: Black Knight #2

black knight 1

Black Knight (Marvel)
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artists: Luca Pizzari and Kev Walker


To say that Marvel has released a storm of number one issues is an understatement. It’s more of a Category 5 hurricane and even that may be selling things short. Like every major reboot, there are the truly mainstream titles such as the various Avengers and X-Men titles, then the slightly more off beat books, like Guardians of the Galaxy, and then there are the outliers. Black Knight is one such outlier. Continue reading

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Editorial | Geekery in Parts Foreign

It’s not a surprise to find that comic books are not a uniquely American experience.  After all, Andrew and I recently talked to Mike Kennedy of Magnetic Press about translating French comics into English for American audiences.  Still, it’s amazing to me to see that Madrid, Spain has completely embraced American geek culture.

Giant statues of Iron Man and a Star Wars stormtrooper stood guard outside a giant Disney section of one of Madrid’s most ubiquitous department stores, El Corte Inglés.  I wasn’t surprised, since Disney is a master of global marketing, but the level of geekery in Madrid was certainly more than I expected.


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