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Staff Writer | Dude Goes to NYCC

This October was the 10th New York City Comic Con. Of those ten, I have gone to eight. NYCC was the first convention that I ever went to, and it played a major part in getting me into comics when I was in college. I am not interested in the vast majority of the mainstream comics like Marvel and DC and I’m not a big super hero fan. Don’t get me wrong, I always go see the movies, and I like the cartoons, but that’s about it; so one of the things about NYCC that appealed to me was being able to easily locate the types of books I was looking for and find new ones that I normally didn’t find at the stores. It was also a great place to meet some great people, like writers, artist, etc. who were all very accessible. Continue reading

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Guest Blog | So You Want to Be a Cosplayer

I am not, by any means, an expert in cosplay. I’ve really only been doing this for a little over six months, but it’s amazing what you can learn in that time. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

There’s so much more to it than wearing costumes.

I overheard someone passing a cosplayer’s booth at New York Comic Con explaining to a friend, “They make a living out of dressing up in costumes.” Not quite. My introduction to participating in cosplay was when my friend Beth asked me if I would be part of her group of Game of Thrones cosplayers for NYCC. I said yes, and several weeks later, I was Margaery Tyrell. I wasn’t just dressed as Margaery Tyrell. I imitated her facial expressions, memorized a few of her lines, and learned to walk and gesture at things in that elegant way Natalie Dormer has on the show. (I can’t tell you how many times I found reasons to say, “Oh look! The pie!”) It’s not just a costume: that is just for Halloween. Cosplaying a complete character is so much more rewarding than just dressup.. Putting on a costume, but still acting like myself is fun, but even if my costume is impeccable and my look is perfectly canon, it is still not quite as good as acting the part. A Darth Vader cosplayer should act stoic and commanding. Vanellope von Schweetz should be mischievous and quirky. Deadpool should be… well, Deadpool.

Our Game of Thrones group at New York Comic Con, October 2014. Photo courtesy of Chris O’Connor

Our Game of Thrones group at New York Comic Con, October 2014.
Photo courtesy of Chris O’Connor

It requires new skills and sometimes new friends.

I mentioned that Beth made my Margaery dress, but I didn’t mention that she and her husband Chris made every piece for seven people to cosplay as Game of Thrones characters. In the past couple of years, they have learned dozens of new skills between the two of them. It’s because of their teamwork, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that we three were the winners of best group cosplay at Tidewater Comicon last October as Margaery, Asha (not pictured above), and Oberyn. When you start cosplaying, you meet new people with incredible talents, or you drag some friends and family in with you and discover that they have skills you didn’t know about – and they might not have been aware of, either! Continue reading

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Tidewater Comicon May 16-17, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Tidewater Comicon. Kurt, Kyle and I had a blast and I know that Tracy would liked to have been there (but I’m sure graduating was pretty sweet too). If you missed out, never fear there will always be next year, which I am sure will be bigger and even more awesome. So without further ado, on with the photos!


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Editorial | Sorry, Mr. Berlatsky, Disdain for Cosplay is Not Misogyny

As a big fan of cosplay, and a huge geek (I edit a geek blog, after all), I am well aware that there are issues between cosplayers and some other convention and event attendees.  I’ve spoken out before against the harassment of cosplayers, and advocated that geeks everywhere stand up and say something if they see harassment happen.  With that being said, I think that some apologists for the cosplay community can occasionally, in their support for something amazing, see problems that do not exist and declaim persecution that isn’t happening. Continue reading

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