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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 12, ft. Shane McNulty of Tidewater Browncoats


Our guest, Shane McNulty

Our guest, Shane McNulty

In which, Andrew and Tracy have a surprisingly broad-ranging conversation with Shane McNulty, organizer of Norfolk, VA’s Can’t Stop the Serenity event, “Big Damn Shindig.”  We discuss why geeks should be involved with charities, what’s so great about Equality Now and the local Samaritan House and Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, and the effect of bullying within the geek community.  That’s all on top of discussing Firefly, the greatest Joss Whedon fanboy moment that never happened, and how to put on a Browncoat event, as well as how much easier events are with entertainers like Mikey Mason. Continue reading

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Saturday Reviews: The Bird Caller

The Bird Caller, a graphic novel by J. F. Martel and Dominic Bercier, is a story told with minimal words about the last physical man on earth.  The world has been decimated by a nuclear war, and the consciousnesses of all mankind have been uploaded into a hard drive called the Ark, which Dennett, the last man, is responsible to keep safe until at last he is able to leave his body behind and join them in a “digital Eden.”The_Bird_Caller_1_dandelions Continue reading

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