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Weekend Review: Ghost King (A Book of Changes)


The Ghost King (Mirror Comics)
Written by Dominic Bercier

Illustrated by Dominic Bercier
Soundtrack by Nicholas Bercier

It is rare that changes come to the comic medium.  Digital comics were a huge change, but even then, the main elements–serial artwork with sparse explanation in dialogue or narration–remained the same.  Dominic and Nicholas Bercier are adding a third element to Ghost King, however.  This book is meant to be read with a soundtrack.  Needless to say, this piqued my interest, and I was not disappointed. Continue reading

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Saturday Reviews: The Bird Caller

The Bird Caller, a graphic novel by J. F. Martel and Dominic Bercier, is a story told with minimal words about the last physical man on earth.  The world has been decimated by a nuclear war, and the consciousnesses of all mankind have been uploaded into a hard drive called the Ark, which Dennett, the last man, is responsible to keep safe until at last he is able to leave his body behind and join them in a “digital Eden.”The_Bird_Caller_1_dandelions Continue reading

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