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Saturday Review | Sheriff of Babylon #2


The Sheriff of Babylon (Vertigo)
Writing: Tom King
Art: Mitch Gerads


The highly anticipated second issue of Sheriff of Babylon is definitely a middle child.  This issue spends most of its time showing readers the frustrating reality that former police officer Christopher Henry faces as he tries to get answers from Iraqi nationals who hate Saddam Hussein and their American “liberators” equally. Continue reading

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Saturday Review | Love: the Fox


Love. The Fox (Magnetic Press)
Written by Frederic Brrémaud
Illustrated by Federico Bertolucci

From time to time I find myself staring at my double screens in my basement office, wondering why I’m not lying in the grass on an island paradise and watching the fauna go about their daily business.  Then I opened the pages of Love. The Fox and I was there!  This book is reminiscent of all the beautiful, animal stories that I read as a child (The Jungle Book, Cinnabar the One O’clock Fox, and Redwall all come to mind).  From the first pages, I was enchanted. Continue reading

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Saturday Review: X-Men #14, #15, & #16

Xmen 14

X-Men #14, #15, #16 (Marvel)

Way back in the day, before they were Astonishing, Amazing, Xtreme, or even Uncanny they were just X-Men—five mutant students and their professor going out to save the world from evil mutants who threatened humanity and the dream of peaceful coexistence they shared with Professor X. But what happens when the mutants themselves become the target? X-Men #s 14, 15, and 16 address this idea with the introduction of the Sentinels, one of the greatest reoccurring villains the team has ever faced. Continue reading

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Weekend Review: Ghost King (A Book of Changes)


The Ghost King (Mirror Comics)
Written by Dominic Bercier

Illustrated by Dominic Bercier
Soundtrack by Nicholas Bercier

It is rare that changes come to the comic medium.  Digital comics were a huge change, but even then, the main elements–serial artwork with sparse explanation in dialogue or narration–remained the same.  Dominic and Nicholas Bercier are adding a third element to Ghost King, however.  This book is meant to be read with a soundtrack.  Needless to say, this piqued my interest, and I was not disappointed. Continue reading

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