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Editorial | Fantasy Books You Should be Reading RIGHT NOW (and some that you shouldn’t)

As a fairly prolific reader, I often get asked for recommendations from people looking to expand their reading list of doom.  Over the summer and into the first few weeks of fall, I’ve been catching up on a lot of the books I’ve been meaning to read, and here is my list of the books you should add to your pile right away, as well as a couple that I would recommend avoiding. Continue reading


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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 13, All Things Buffy


In which, Andrew and Tracy sit down with Sarah Wilde to discuss the girl who is arguably the most influential female figure in geek fandom in the past twenty years.  I say “sit down” because Andrew doesn’t get many words in edgewise.  From the “Spike or Angel” question, to complex plot twists and the universality of the growing up experience portrayed in the show, Sarah and Tracy cover most of it.  (Let’s be honest, we can talk about Buffy for MUCH longer than this!) Continue reading

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 12, ft. Shane McNulty of Tidewater Browncoats


Our guest, Shane McNulty

Our guest, Shane McNulty

In which, Andrew and Tracy have a surprisingly broad-ranging conversation with Shane McNulty, organizer of Norfolk, VA’s Can’t Stop the Serenity event, “Big Damn Shindig.”  We discuss why geeks should be involved with charities, what’s so great about Equality Now and the local Samaritan House and Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, and the effect of bullying within the geek community.  That’s all on top of discussing Firefly, the greatest Joss Whedon fanboy moment that never happened, and how to put on a Browncoat event, as well as how much easier events are with entertainers like Mikey Mason. Continue reading

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Editorial | Starz’ Outlander, My Reaction

This weekend, the Starz channel aired the season one premier of the TV adaptation of the beloved novel Outlander.  In the Venn diagram of book genres, Outlander nestles neatly in the overlap between romance novel, historical fiction, and fantasy.  The majority of the book is set in Scotland in 1743, but there is definitely magic involved in the tale.  I’ve been meaning to read Outlander for quite a while, and was shocked to actually find it in my reading pile of doom recently, meaning that I picked it up without realizing it at some point in my travels.  Starz was just about to begin a TV series based on the book, so what better time to read it?

Having freshly read the book for the first time right before watching the first episode of the show has allowed me to make more accurate comparisons between the two.  Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly about Starz’s TV adaptation.

sam-heughan-caitriona-balfe-outlander-starz Continue reading

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