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Relaunch: The New Norm

I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on the inner workings of the comic book industry. While a loyal fan, I am not privy to what goes on “behind the cover” so to speak. Having said this, I am really starting to wonder what exactly is going on at the Big Two when it comes to the nearly continuous reboots and rebranding that have occurred in my relatively short tenure as a comic fan. Continue reading

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Comics are Awesome

It had been nearly a month since I had looked at a comic. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but not much of one. Between work, traveling for work, and then trying to catch up on the life I missed out on because of work, I had let a full four weeks of comics build up. Even after cutting back on the amount of books I buy each week, there were forty-one issues that I had yet to read. After realizing this, I determined that something must be done about it.

What followed was more than a few hours over the course of three days that can only be described as glorious. True, I had several other things that I should have been doing. I’m really behind on my writing, as Tracy can attest to. I’m almost quite behind on my housekeeping responsibilities. Needless to say I am running rather low on clean socks and other essentials. In spite of all this, I really felt as though I needed to relax and read for a while. I’ve been pretty stressed these past few weeks and it was high time I took a little time to forget about all the bull and lose myself in a story or two.

My efforts began Thursday evening. I hadn’t intended to do much reading that day, but that’s the way it happened. I had some errands to run and then a business dinner a couple hours later. Unfortunately, the errands that should have taken an hour or so only took fifteen minutes. That left me with over two hours of time to kill and no computer for writing. Thankfully I still had my Kindle at the ready. Loaded with my backlog, I was prepared. I started off by diving back into Marvel’s Black Vortex event. I was only able to make moderate progress as I quickly discovered that the story branched out into titles I don’t normally read and therefore hadn’t downloaded. While this is normally a quick fix, I was still downloading the last quarter of the backlog and it would be a little bit before the issues I wanted would be available on my device. My original plan foiled, I decided to pick off the low hanging fruit of one shots and books I only had one or two outstanding issues on.

Friday was pretty much a waste thanks to work. Such is life.

secret wars

But then came Saturday. Glorious Saturday! With the exception of an early Mother’s Day event planned for that evening, I had the entire day to sit around and enjoy the funny books. It was a truly amazing experience. While my girlfriend watched Cutthroat Kitchen, I sat on the couch and devoured my backlog. I made quick work of the last half of Black Vortex and quickly shifted gears to catch myself up on all the new Star Wars titles. I’m a massive Star Wars fan and I always find it enjoyable to lose myself in a story from that universe. There is something reassuring about immersing myself in characters that have become so familiar. I just can’t get enough of it. Of course the feeling didn’t last because before I knew it I had finished all of those books.

Finally it was time for me to finish Johnathan Hickman’s amazing run on Avengers and New Avengers. I honestly could not have asked for a more perfect end to the story. For anyone who has not read Hickman’s work, this are some of the best comics I have ever read. But then again, I would expect nothing less from the man who blew my mind with his run on Fantastic Four. Finally, once I had finished the last Avengers issue, it was time for Secret Wars. Watching the universe end is not an easy thing, but Esad Ribic’s art makes it sting a little less.

At last came Sunday. With all of the event based books and most of the structured series out of the way, I was free to start cleaning up the last remaining items. I would like to point out that I didn’t realize Batman’s “Endgame” story line was wrapping up. I loved the issue, just as I have loved the entire run, but I was not expecting the ending that I got, nor, in actuality, any ending at all. I’m both curious and excited to see where this is going.

batman endgame

Then of course were my X-Men titles. I love them so much, even when they do horrible things to me. Reading X-Men is kind of like the stereotypical abusive relationship. You know you should leave and never come back, but then they’re really nice and begging you to forgive them, so you give it another try. And then you “fall down the stairs…” As usual, X-stories are hit and miss, but I had fun with them anyways.

Bottom line here is that I really, really needed this time with my comic books. Comics are something that, from time to time, get pushed to the side of my life when more important things get a little too out of control. But time and time again, they sit patiently by and wait for me to reach a near burn out point and then come crawling back, looking for the relief that they so readily offer. Comics offer an escape, and sometimes that is exactly what we all need.

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Saturday Review: Batgirl #39

Batgirl 1Batgirl (DC)
Written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher
Art by Babs Tarr

I have mentioned before that while the new iteration of Batgirl is very well done, I wasn’t particularly enjoying it. It had a bit too much of a hipster feel, I thought it was trying a little too hard when it came to Barbara’s personality. I also didn’t really care for the whole spat between Batgirl and Black Canary, and in general the book felt like it was forcing its premise. Having said all of that, I’ve stuck with the book because there were certain aspects that still intrigued me, and I liked the art. Now, at issue #39, this book is finally starting to click for me.

Until the last issue, Batgirl had been embracing her new role as “Batgirl of Burnside,” fighting crime in her local neighborhood much like Daredevil does in Hell’s Kitchen. Last issue, however, the residents began to turn on their beloved new heroine, and this issue starts as Batgirl finds herself being pursued by an angry mob carrying those angry mob standards such as a rolling pin, pipe, and bat with nails in it. (I was disappointed there were no torches or pitchforks.) As the issue progresses, readers find out that there has been a massive bounty placed on Batgirl’s head by the same entity that has been hounding her since she moved to Burnside. Continue reading

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Around the Web February 20, 2015

Starting off this week’s Around the Web is something I am super excited about. Fox has confirmed that there will be a new Alien movie and it will be directed by Neill Blomkamp! For those who remember, a few months ago, Blomkamp had posted some amazing concept art with the regrettable caption that it looked like the project was off. It’s thought that this was due in large part to the lackluster performance of Prometheus, the semi-Alien prequel. I am super excited for this news as I was really disappointed that Blomkamp’s previous announcement had indicated that there would be no Alien project with him. Also, given his success with other, less conventional science fiction stories like District 9, I’m exceptionally optimistic that this will be a stellar film. Let’s face it, there is no possible way on Earth, or any other planet, that it could be worse than Alien3 .

I want this soooooo bad!

I want this soooooo bad!

This might have been the best news I’ve heard all 2015.

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most badass motherf!@#ers in pop culture–just ask him! (I would personally ask just because I want to hear him say motherf!@#er.) Recently, Mr. Jackson told MTV that he couldn’t figure out why DC has been unable to energize it’s fans as much as Marvel has. I’m a huge Batman fan and I like 95% of Man of Steel, but I have to admit that I agree with Sam on this one. Marvel has done an overall better job at making their cinematic universe accessible to the masses. They take place in the same cities we live in and their heroes are flawed and more relate-able, on a personal level. This is of course one of the time honored arguments in the Marvel Vs. DC debate, but at least when it comes to movies, Marvel is winning this one.



Now on to a front that DC has definitely had the lead in for quite some time:  television. Fox has announced that they will be creating a pilot for Lucifer. A spin off of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Lucifer follows the ruler of hell after he abandons his post and decides to move to Los Angeles. While many people have been particularly hard on Fox’s current DC based show Gotham (which personally I quite enjoy), there is hope for this one as there is an all-star production team on board, including veteran producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Californication writer Tom Kapinos. I’m not exactly sure what made DC choose this particular story, especially given the rough start that their other supernatural show, Constantine, has had. Whatever the case may be, I will certainly give the show a try and do my best to judge it on it’s own merits.


There is something fitting about Lucifer moving to LA. I mean it’s basically hell on Earth already. 😉

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