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Saturday Review: Batgirl #39

Batgirl 1Batgirl (DC)
Written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher
Art by Babs Tarr

I have mentioned before that while the new iteration of Batgirl is very well done, I wasn’t particularly enjoying it. It had a bit too much of a hipster feel, I thought it was trying a little too hard when it came to Barbara’s personality. I also didn’t really care for the whole spat between Batgirl and Black Canary, and in general the book felt like it was forcing its premise. Having said all of that, I’ve stuck with the book because there were certain aspects that still intrigued me, and I liked the art. Now, at issue #39, this book is finally starting to click for me.

Until the last issue, Batgirl had been embracing her new role as “Batgirl of Burnside,” fighting crime in her local neighborhood much like Daredevil does in Hell’s Kitchen. Last issue, however, the residents began to turn on their beloved new heroine, and this issue starts as Batgirl finds herself being pursued by an angry mob carrying those angry mob standards such as a rolling pin, pipe, and bat with nails in it. (I was disappointed there were no torches or pitchforks.) As the issue progresses, readers find out that there has been a massive bounty placed on Batgirl’s head by the same entity that has been hounding her since she moved to Burnside. Continue reading

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