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Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 93 Death of Superman Lives

In which, Andrew and Dude start their conversation ostensibly talking about Death of Superman Lives, but devolve into a humorous conversation.  An authentic peek into the lives of college roommates a decade later.

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 62, The Essence of Superman


In which, the guys discuss a topic very near and dear to Andrew’s heart: what is it that sums up the existence of Superman.  Dude is actually on the east coast for this one and the energy in the room is palpable.  The quintessential argument on the table is whether or not Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel, in which Superman breaks Zod’s neck, is an accurate interpretation of who Superman is and should be.

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 57, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

This podcast will be discussing plot points of comics and movies which may be considered spoilers. Consider yourselves warned.

“No one cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman.” – Perry White.  Emotions are at an all time high as Andrew, Tracy, and Dude discuss Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Dude loves it, Tracy hates it, and Andrew is… meh.  Ultimate takeaways:  Wonder Woman rocks, pacing is slow, and everyone would like to see more emotion from Superman.

Show Notes:

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

iFanboy’s BvS podcast

Rotten Tomatoes review board (yes, it’s below The Room in average reviews)

Doomsday’s origins

Erik Larson’s Dead Wake

The Witch

George R. R. Martin The Ice Dragon


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The Superhero: Marvel vs. DC

Since the early 1960s, comics have been dominated by two major publishers, Marvel and DC. Despite both publishers being primarily focused on the same type of comics—namely superheroes—each has a distinct feel. While a reader may not be familiar with a particular character, if they are at all familiar with the Big Two, it is pretty easy to determine which publisher the book came from. The natural question then is, if both publishers are putting out what is essentially the same type of book, why do they feel so different? The best answer I have heard, and the one that I’m going to explore in this post, is the idea that DC characters are gods attempting to be man, while Marvel’s are men attempting to be gods. Continue reading

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