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Saturday Reviews: Super-Ego

(photo via

(photo via

Super Ego (Magnetic Press)
Written and illustrated by Caio Oliviera
Colors by Lucas Marangon

Do super heroes go to psychotherapy?  Does their need to provide vigilante justice come from a psychological problem–perhaps a savior complex?  One would imagine that it would have to, given the violence and chaos heroes see every day and the way they return to their job over and over.  Super-Ego “Family Matters” answers the question of what super hero therapy looks like and what its end goal must be.  The title is, of course, taken from Freudian theory on the ID, the ego, and the super ego. I nearly always like the books from Magnetic Press, but this one really captured my attention and imagination.  It is straightforward, clear, clean story telling, with a compelling hook and likable characters. Continue reading


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Winning Science December 19, 2014

For the last Winning Science of 2014, we decided to start off by going back to one of our favorite tech geeks, Elon Musk. Sixteen months ago Musk announced a radical plan for a Hyperloop, a high speed transportation system that could run from LA to San Fransisco in just over 30 minutes. Musk’s paper was mostly theoritical, discussing likely means of accomplishing the idea without delving into the specifics. Since then, a company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has brought in 100 engineers to start working out those details. While they are still in the early design stages, the teams have already evaluated Musk’s plan and determined that it is likely feasible in the time frame and for the amount of money that Musk projected. Additionally, they have been working on improving Musk’s original designs. The team has also made up a potential service map that they feel would provide the best possible service.

hyperloop Continue reading

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In The Service of Absolution, Part 8

The journey was anything but smooth. The entire crew was on edge and with good reason. It was very likely their plan was not going to work. Even if it did, it was possible that none of them would live long enough to see the results.

When presented with the choice and the potential consequences, good and bad, the entire crew volunteered, much to Lawrence’s surprise and relief. Ramirez quickly decided that Doc and the wounded should be transferred to the freighter, and Lawrence assigned two of his own crew to accompany them back with a copy of the intelligence, in case the mission went badly. The next six hours were filled with a flurry of activity. The entire crew focused their energies on completing the repairs that were need to get the ship underway and to its destination. Continue reading

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Editorial | Sorry, Mr. Berlatsky, Disdain for Cosplay is Not Misogyny

As a big fan of cosplay, and a huge geek (I edit a geek blog, after all), I am well aware that there are issues between cosplayers and some other convention and event attendees.  I’ve spoken out before against the harassment of cosplayers, and advocated that geeks everywhere stand up and say something if they see harassment happen.  With that being said, I think that some apologists for the cosplay community can occasionally, in their support for something amazing, see problems that do not exist and declaim persecution that isn’t happening. Continue reading

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