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Saturday Review | Love: the Fox


Love. The Fox (Magnetic Press)
Written by Frederic Brrémaud
Illustrated by Federico Bertolucci

From time to time I find myself staring at my double screens in my basement office, wondering why I’m not lying in the grass on an island paradise and watching the fauna go about their daily business.  Then I opened the pages of Love. The Fox and I was there!  This book is reminiscent of all the beautiful, animal stories that I read as a child (The Jungle Book, Cinnabar the One O’clock Fox, and Redwall all come to mind).  From the first pages, I was enchanted. Continue reading

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 28, Feat. Mike Kennedy, Publisher for Magnetic Press

magnetic-newsbannerIn which, Mike Kennedy from Magnetic Press tells us all about what it takes to start a small press comic business, digs deep into the digital vs. physical comics debate, and tells us what comics a comic publisher reads.  We learn a lot about the comics industry in Europe and what goes into the translation of comic scripts from French to English.

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Saturday Review: Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker


Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker (Magnetic)
Written by Tom DeLonge and Ben Kull
Illustrated by Djet

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker is the first monthly comic from Magnetic Press and it’s a great addition to their already impressive lineup. This book, from former Blink 182 front man Tom DeLonge, is part of a multimedia story spanning comics, film, and music in an attempt to give audiences the most immersive experience possible. So far, I am on board and excited to see exactly where this series is going.

The son of two hard working Seattle residents, Jonas Anderson finds himself spending another evening at home with his older brother Alan. After arriving home, Jonas finds Alan sitting on the floor with a mysterious book and burning an unknown substance. Suddenly the two fall asleep and find themselves in Genesis, the origin of all mankind’s collective dreams. Through a series of events, Jonas, his brother, and a dream named Ayo are rescued from captivity by a Dream Walker. It quickly becomes clear that Jonas is also a Dream Walker, but he doesn’t know it yet. Continue reading

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Review: Luminae

Given our love for Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, it’s no secret that we here at Therefore I Geek have a propensity for sword and saddle material. (Or now that I think about it, we might just have a fetish for watching Sean Bean die on screen.) Anyway, I have been lucky enough to take a dive into a uniquely styled, fantasy epic called Luminae from Magnetic Press. The brainchild of French artist Bengal, Luminae brings a European sensibility to comics that is refreshing and unexpected.

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