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Saturday Review: The Mighty Thor by Walter Simonson, Vol. 1

thorThe Might Thor (Marvel)
Written and Art by Walter Simonson


Over the last eight years there have been a small handful of comics that have peaked my interests so much that I had to read as much as I could as quickly as possible. Books like Saga, Transmetropolitan, and The Dark Knight Returns rank among the top of that elite group. Lately however, a new run of comics has been added to that list in the shape of The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 by Walt Simonson.

It’s no secret that Simonson’s run on Thor is one of the most highly regarded run on any superhero comic, and potentially the best run on Thor period. Having said that I hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. I’d read the first few issues of the J. Michael Straczynski run, which brought Thor back from the dead, but was unimpressed past about issue #3. It wasn’t until Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s run on Thor: God of Thunder that I really developed an interest in the characters. The more I began to talk about Aaron’s run, the more people kept asking if I had read Simonson’s work. A couple weeks ago I finally broke down and bought the first trade. Continue reading

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Random Thought Generator Episode 5, Origin Stories

In which Andrew and Tracy discuss their favorite origin stories, and what makes a good origin story.  Origin stories aren’t limited to comic books, and we’ve got some good ones to talk about.  Also, there is some random bantering back and forth.  Tracy accidentally spoils Game of Thrones Season 4, and Andrew promises to edit it out.  We wrap up by telling Therefore I Geek’s own origin story, in celebration of our first anniversary.????????????

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