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Editorial |Anchors in Times of Transition

I’m sitting here on my bed (the same bed, in case you were interested; just in a different place), with my legs crossed.  “Indian style” we used to call it, before such terms were beneath us.  I know what I want to say, but I’m trying to find the words to say it.  Andrew, the staff writers, and I all avoid talking too much about our private lives.  We know you guys come to Therefore I Geek for witty analysis of geek news, reviews of the most recent comics, and cool anecdotes about comics history.  However, sometimes real life interferes.  Almost a year ago, I graduated from the College of William & Mary, and then took a ten week trip around Europe.  However, since then, I’ve been occupied by a temporary job and a LOT of job applications.  Six months after the end of my travels, I finally landed the job of my dreams.  There was only one problem.  It was in a big city, four hours away from home. Continue reading


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Editorial | I’m not a “Star Wars Geek”

I spent the vast majority of this past weekend in the recording studio/Therefore I Geek office prepping and recording for upcoming podcast episodes and planning out the next three or four months.  One of the big projects that we are undertaking is a non-sequential series of episodes with an all geek girl cast, which is incredibly exciting, since it has been a naturally occurring phenomenon that most of our podcast guests and blog writers are male.  In the course of hanging out with the group of girls that will be the guests for these podcasts, and subsequently recording with a couple of them, I found myself getting excited about and reaffirming my affection for a part of geekdom that I had slowly abandoned as I grew up and got away from it. Continue reading


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Editorial | The (re)Rise of the Anthology

A few months ago, I attended a convention panel on the resurgence of the anthology in which the panelists asked attendees what motivated them to buy anthologies.  Answers ranged from famous contributors, to well-known serial publications, such as L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future.  This highlights a huge problem that I see in anthology collections:  it is difficult to page through them and purchase them on a whim.

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