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Over the holidays, one of the big projects that I undertook was to turn a small, spare bedroom from a storage/catch all into a proper office-cum-library.  As I dug through the closet, which was overflowing with old comics, collectibles, and various geeky art, I realized that the way that I preferred to display my geek pride has changed a lot since I was a teenager.

As a child and a teen, I spent nearly all of my time reading.  As soon as my parents thought I was old enough to go by myself, I biked down to the local library in the center of town.  I spent so much time there that the librarians eventually would just hand me a cart full of books to go back because I knew their correct locations better than the librarians did and could shelve them faster while I looked for new material.  Thanks to my good relationship with the librarians and patrons, I got first dibs on new books and educational materials that were being changed out.  I got my hands on the coolest posters that way.  My first experience with anime was a READ poster with a purple haired waif smiling at her audience.  It was love at first sight for me.  I was especially proud of my “Make It a Hobbit” poster when the Lord of the Rings was in theaters, too.

Nostalgic? This piece of my personal history would cost me $40 to own again.

Nostalgic? This piece of my personal history would cost me $40 to own again.

Back then, I would just tape my posters to the wall.  If I were feeling especially brave, I would use finishing nails or thumbtacks to hold them up–and was careful to put the tacks from the next poster into the same holes from the previous ones.  These days, however, slapping a poster up on a wall just doesn’t seem right or respectful to me.  Art looks better, classier, and more mature when it is framed.

As a maturing geek (I hesitate to say aging, because that feels… well… old), I am changing the way I display my geeky side in lots of ways.  For the first time, I’m realizing that no one is particularly impressed with my DVD and Blu-ray collection, so I’m ready to put the discs in a binder, the covers in the attic, and use the space for books that have languished in paper ream boxes for years.  My adoration for small plastic items and stickers is also slowly fading, and I find myself ogling resin statues to replace them on my mantle and desk.  At one time, I would have considered the price point for something like that prohibitive–and wondered about the sanity of anyone who would pay it–but that is changing.  Small pieces which merely gathered dust on random flat surfaces now occupy respectable display cases, which makes cleaning much easier.

I am definitely not growing out of my love of all things geek, but I am starting to see the wisdom in purchasing long lasting, attractive DC Bombshell glasses instead of collecting 7-Eleven slushie cups.  I’m not at all ashamed of being a fangirl, but I also realize that as I mature a level of sophistication should and does permeate all aspects of my life. I guess I’m just getting older and wanting my hobbies to grow up a little with me–even if that means a trip to Michaels for poster frames every now and then.

Photo via womenwriteaboutcomics.com

Photo via womenwriteaboutcomics.com

Have you made any changes in how you pursue or advertise your fandoms as you got older?  Let me know in the comments.


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5 responses to “Editorial | Grown Up Geeks

  1. Shadowwkw

    I used to just put my statues on a book shelf. Now I build a shelf on the wall to des play them. Also i must to frame good posters now.

  2. My dad is a librarian; I have so. many. READ posters. Including the Gandalf one that matches your Frodo one 🙂
    I had them hanging in my dorm room, but I’ve never put them up in the house. Maybe I should! I’m probably still not going to bother framing them, though 😉

  3. Maria

    Love your article! I know exactly what you mean (and you’ve read my geeky home decor thoughts too so I’ll keep it short haha). I might think of purchasing a display cabinet from ikea to store most of my geeky memorbilia in one place, hoping to find the right mix of displaying my geeky stuff while having an adult looking apartment. However I’ll never bring myself to put my dvds into binders even though it’ll save much space

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