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Editorial | That One Author Who Avoided the Sophomore Slump

Not too long ago, I wrote a list of modern fantasy books that everyone should be reading.  I considered adding Patrick Rothfuss’s first book in the King Killer Chronicles, The Name of the Wind, to the list, but I simply couldn’t justify it.  The prose was acceptable but not outstanding, and the plot was interesting but not mesmerizing.  However, thanks to a friend’s urging, I stuck with it, and as I’ve read the second book in the series, The Wise Man’s Fear, I find my opinion of Rothfuss’s merits as an author completely changing.  I think that Patrick Rothfuss is a modern author to be read and used as a model for both new writers and modern published authors–as well as being really cool to fans who accidentally bump into him at conventions and lose all their words.

Rothfuss signing his second book (via blog.patrickrothfuss.com)

Rothfuss signing his second book (via blog.patrickrothfuss.com)

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Random Thought Generator Episode 7, Phoenix Comicon


On this episode, Andrew and Tracy share their experience from Phoenix Comicon, as well as a cold (fortunately, this is not shared with you). The staff talk comics, creators, their overall views of the convention as well as some highlights.


Podcast Links

Phoenix Comicon


Del Rey

Mouse Guard

David Petersen

Chris Claremont


John Rhys-Davies

Patrick Rothfuss

Nathan Fillion

Syndicate Press (Kyle Stephens)

Ae-Saga of Brge

Naomi Novik

Locke & Key


Black Science

Sex Criminals



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Editorial | The (re)Rise of the Anthology

A few months ago, I attended a convention panel on the resurgence of the anthology in which the panelists asked attendees what motivated them to buy anthologies.  Answers ranged from famous contributors, to well-known serial publications, such as L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future.  This highlights a huge problem that I see in anthology collections:  it is difficult to page through them and purchase them on a whim.

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