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Editorial | Encouraging Reluctant Readers with Comic Books

Like many boys, Borderless comic book store owner Peter Newcomb was a reluctant reader as a preteen.  Books really didn’t have any draw for him and he saw nothing exciting in pages full of plain text.  At the same time, however, he loved looking at the picture in comic books, and he wanted to know the story that went along with them, so he began reading the printed dialogue.  Over time, he became a good reader, which led to his becoming an avid reader—and he wants other reluctant readers to be able to do the same thing.  This was the driving force behind the opening of his comic book store, and Pete encourages young people to come in and read comic books, even if they don’t buy them.555409_732798046736206_665497920_n Continue reading

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Random Thought Generator Episode 3, Feat. Pete Newcomb of Borderless Comics


On this episode Tracy got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Pete Newcomb of Borderless Comics.  Pete is a fascinating storyteller, and the tale of how he became a comic book store owner is unique and very interesting.  Besides sharing his personal journey, Pete also provided some insight into the workings of a comic book store.  Borderless is unusual in that it is a read store–meaning that the owners encourage customers to read comics in the store. If you think this sounds like an insane idea, you’re not alone, but Pete has some compelling reasons for believing that this is a solid business model.


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