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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 13, All Things Buffy


In which, Andrew and Tracy sit down with Sarah Wilde to discuss the girl who is arguably the most influential female figure in geek fandom in the past twenty years.  I say “sit down” because Andrew doesn’t get many words in edgewise.  From the “Spike or Angel” question, to complex plot twists and the universality of the growing up experience portrayed in the show, Sarah and Tracy cover most of it.  (Let’s be honest, we can talk about Buffy for MUCH longer than this!) Continue reading

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Around the Web January 31, 2014

Welcome to the end of January! We’ve made it through the first month of a new year and so far so good. Let us celebrate survival with a new Around the Web.

As a grown man, I am not ashamed to say I still play with Legos. When I’m feeling like I really suck at being an engineer, I’ll go pick up a small set and put it together and it usually makes me feel better about my engineering skills.  Now the Lego Cuusoo program has announced a new set I won’t be waiting to get, Ghostbusters. That’s right, everyone’s favorite paranormal investigation and extermination professionals will soon be available in Lego form.

Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call?

I think I know just the place for them.

BGR is reporting that there is a “verified insider” leaking some very juicy information about the Xbox One’s future. The information first appeared on the NeoGAF forums and gives us some interesting (and hopefully true) tidbits. Among the most interesting is that there is a $399 Xbox One coming, but that it won’t include an optical drive. I’ve got mixed feelings about that. I don’t really need the optical drive for games, as I’ve been embracing digital downloads lately, but having the Xbox as a Blu Ray player would also be nice.

xbox one

Now we will just have to see how much of this rumor actually turns out to be accurate.

Marvel Universe LIVE! will be a live action stage production featuring many of our favorite Marvel heroes. Marvel has recently released some information concerning the plot and it looks interesting. The show will revolve around members of the Avengers attempting to gain pieces of the Cosmic Cube (the Tesseract from The Avengers and Captain America) so they can defeat Loki. In the process they will battle several other recognizable Marvel villians like Doc Oct, Red Skull and the Green Goblin.

I’m already look at which day I want to go see this. It happens to be coming to a town near me.

What kind of Geeks would we be if we let the 40th birthday of Dungeons and Dragons slip past us without recognition?  For many of us, this is the game that started it all and A Guide to Geekdom provides a nice history of D&D in addition to the author’s own personal experiences with the game.

red box dungeons and dragons

Personally I haven’t ever played the game, though I’ve recently been looking into finding a group and learning how.


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