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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 28, Feat. Mike Kennedy, Publisher for Magnetic Press

magnetic-newsbannerIn which, Mike Kennedy from Magnetic Press tells us all about what it takes to start a small press comic business, digs deep into the digital vs. physical comics debate, and tells us what comics a comic publisher reads.  We learn a lot about the comics industry in Europe and what goes into the translation of comic scripts from French to English.

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Saturday Reviews: MEKA

Over the past two days I’ve been reading the graphic novel MEKA from Magnetic Press, written by JD Moran and illustrated by Bengal.  The book is about the two pilots of that staple of Japanese science fiction, the giant robot, called a Meka.  Lieutenant Enrique Llamas and Corporal Ninia Onoo are the pilots of one of the white Mekas, which is badly damaged in a battle against the Western red Mekas, whose owners want to enslave the people Llamas and Onoo are trying to protect. Continue reading

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