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Guest Blog | In Defense of Games in the Modern Age

I have had the fortune of growing up alongside the gaming industry.  I have seen games advance from board games, to Pong, to Warhammer 40k and The Last of Us.  What I never overlooked was that the games I played were compelling and full of possibility. During this relatively short history, games have been relegated to the domain of children, which is understandable.  However, I champion the idea that games can be a valid tool for expanding a person’s worldview by exposing him to foreign ideas and culture.  Books have long been lauded as the escape and education medium of choice, and rightly so.  The nuance of word choice and the tone and meter of the author combine with the reader’s imagination to create compelling worlds to which he can escape and characters to which he can escape.  However, video games can offer a similar experience, while allowing the player to feel in control of the story, at least to a degree.  More than that, video games can expand players’ understanding of the world, cultures, and even themselves.  Human history is told in stories.  What more is a video game than an interactive story? Continue reading

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