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Therefore I Geek Podcast Special Edition, Live From Tidewater Comicon

tidewater comicon


In which, Therefore I Geek goes to comicon.  Lots of people stop by our booth and chat with us, including some really amazing artists, cosplayers, and some man-on-the-street conversations.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by, this was one of our funnest and most interesting podcasts yet!!

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Guest Blog | A-Z: An Alphabetical Primer for Anime & Manga

For people who have never sat down and watched an anime, trying to understand the terminology that is used when referencing the genre can be quite complicated. A lot of the terms are in Japanese, and if one isn’t used to seeing or hearing the language, then the meaning could very easily be lost. What I’ve attempted to do here is to create an alphabetical primer for those readers who may not know a whole lot about what anime and manga are. I hope that these terms and their definitions are helpful. Again, anyone who might have something to add is welcome to leave a comment. I’m always happy to hear from readers and learn new things, as I by no means claim to be an expert. Enough with the jibber jabber. Here goes. Continue reading

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Guest Blog | Anime Roundup

If you had asked me eight years ago if I would ever be as entrenched in what I know as “geek culture” as I am right now, I would have laughed my head off at you. I had never stepped foot into a comic book shop, save for on Free Comic Book Day. I didn’t play many video games–much less ones that were online. I definitely didn’t watch anime, aside from the one or two series that my college buddies would watch on their laptops in between classes. It’s funny. At age 30, I’ve finally found my place with all of these things. I have a pull box at my local comic book shop (number 42, incidentally. Ah…my inner book nerd is showing), I’ve run a guild in a popular MMO, and at least two or three times a week I sit down to catch up on my latest simulcasts of anime. Yes. I’ve become that girl. Continue reading

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