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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 109, Ghost in the Shell

Our trio of hosts return to discuss Ghost in the Shell, the newest live action feature based on the classic anime film of the same name. Between actual whitewashing and an overall half-assed attempt, the film doesn’t exactly deliver like the group had hoped.

Show Notes:

Joss Whedon – Batgirl

Peter David

1995 Anime

Original Manga




Alien Covenant Trailer

Baby Driver Trailer

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Guest Blog | Manga Beach Reads

Ah summer… What could be better than heading to the beach to enjoy the lovely weather with something awesome to read? I am lucky that I live close to Coney Island so I’m able to head to the beach quite often. I always pack a manga or two to read while I’m there (which should come as a shock to none of you if you’ve read any of my other posts).

I love horror manga, as well psychological thrillers, but these are left home in summerin favor of some slice of life series. When it’s hot and sunny outside, I prefer comedies that tell the stories of average people, so I’ve compiled a list of the manga that is accompanying me to the beach this summer. Continue reading

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Guest Blog | Cooking with Manga

I love to cook. I get immense joy from making something I can enjoy with my friends and family. However, I usually write about manga and anime for Therefore I Geek, so at this point you may be wondering, “What does cooking have to do with manga?” Well, it has quite a bit actually. There are quite a few manga that teach their readers how to cook. For specific recipes, there is even a manga cookbook.

I own this cookbook and have used it quite a few times. It is full of simple but delicious recipes, especially good for quick lunch ideas. Continue reading


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Editorial | Don’t be a Geek Cannibal

This past week Tumblr and Twitter burst into (yet another) uproar over cultural appropriation, specifically a Tumblr based webcomic called Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, a comic set in Japan and based on the trials and tribulations of Japanese voice actors in Tokyo. The creators, although not Japanese, had studied the language and even lived in Japan for a while. Their Twitter commentary on the debacle indicated that they had sought input on the comic from Japanese people and had gotten positive feedback. However, after a couple of aggressive and angry comment via the Tumblr Ask feature, Toril Orlesky and Katie O’Neill, the creators, decided that they would prefer to simply cease making the webcomic rather than to “create a comic that will hurt people…” Shortly after they released a statement indicating that they would no longer be working on Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, Orlesky and O’Neill were embroiled in a bitter contest between Twitter users who spewed vitriolic hate at them and at their creation, and users who defended the art both for art’s sake and for the sake of the medium. The full conversation, spanning dozens of users and roughly six days, is all available here.

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