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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 55, Free Speech and Free Expression

In which, Andrew and Tracy step out of their comfort zones and into Dude’s, discussing the 1st Amendment and free speech–both what it means to us, and what it means in the context of comic books and broader geek culture.  A little heavier and pithier than our normal podcast topics, this one is timely given the current climate of the geek community.

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Editorial |Anchors in Times of Transition

I’m sitting here on my bed (the same bed, in case you were interested; just in a different place), with my legs crossed.  “Indian style” we used to call it, before such terms were beneath us.  I know what I want to say, but I’m trying to find the words to say it.  Andrew, the staff writers, and I all avoid talking too much about our private lives.  We know you guys come to Therefore I Geek for witty analysis of geek news, reviews of the most recent comics, and cool anecdotes about comics history.  However, sometimes real life interferes.  Almost a year ago, I graduated from the College of William & Mary, and then took a ten week trip around Europe.  However, since then, I’ve been occupied by a temporary job and a LOT of job applications.  Six months after the end of my travels, I finally landed the job of my dreams.  There was only one problem.  It was in a big city, four hours away from home. Continue reading


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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 54, 2016 Comic Movie Preview


In which our hosts, Andrew and Joseph (The Dude), talk about all the comic book movies coming out in 2016. They decide that nobody cares about Michael Fassbender, while failing to pronounce any non-English name. Dude also manages to completely befuddle Andrew by staunchly defending Keanu Reeves.

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Andrew’s Favorite Non-Superhero Comics

I love superhero comics, but they are not the only comics I read. There are some really great comics that have nothing to do with capes and tights. I’ve compiled a list of some of those I feel are most worthwhile. Continue reading

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