Editorial | Con Man – Now I Want the Full Story

If you hadn’t already heard the hype (and who hasn’t already heard the hype?), there’s a new web series in town created by Alan Tudyk, better known as Wash from Firefly and Serenity, and the first four episodes just became available to everyone on Vimeo for on demand!  Of course, the premier was announced four hours ago, so most of you have already watched it, right? (Of course, those who backed the IndieGoGo project several months ago like I did got to watch the episodes on Monday).

Well, just in case you totally loved Con Man, but needed another opinion to validate your own, let me tell you about my experience watching the first four episodes

First of all, I don’t know what I expected, but Con Man wasn’t quite it.  I was expecting something more along the lines of Galaxy Quest–more panels and stuff, and less weird bug cosplay having sex with convention booking agentsbut I got something a lot closer to what I always suspected was going on behind the black curtains of the celebrity signing lines. Of course, some of the tales told here seem outside the realm of reality, but only just a hair.  Just from the con stories that we have here at Therefore I Geek, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these are based on truth.  (I personally can speak to the… uh… potential negative side affects of muscle relaxants.)  I would love to ask Alan Tudyk how many of these stories actually happened, whole or in part.

Secondly, I think the “Sean Astin is kind of a jerk” thing to be pretty funny because he has a great reputation for being awesome with fans.  His cavalier attitude about making fans do stuff for him seems like the photo negative of his real life at conventions, which seems to be full of fans doing stuff for him just because they can.  Felicia Day was also hilarious as Wray Nearly’s assistant, the “soft serve machine.”

Ultimately, I’m not sure where this series is going.  I like it.  I’m definitely along for the ride, but there’s no cohesive central story.  This feels a lot like a day in the life of a low level celebrity.  Yes, that’s what was on the bill of sale, but… I just expected something… more.

This is only episode four.  I certainly hope there is more to come.

(PS If you are an IndieGoGo contributor like me, let me know in the comments what loot you got!)

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