Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 41, B-more and More

12027732_773884546070625_133051484303905825_nIn which Andrew, Tracy, and Becky talk about Becky’s first convention, Baltimore Comic Con.  Becky discusses cosplaying at a medium convention, her impressions of the whole thing, and we discuss other first time con-goers.

The Princess

Show Notes:

Nick & Liz’s first convention, ECCC

Tracy’s first con, NYCC

Death Wish Coffee

Starbucks Tribute

Dude’s Con Stories

How to prepare for a convention

Inside Out

Borderless Comic Store

Tom King

David Petersen

Mouse Guard Role Playing Game

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck


DC’s Bizarro

Secret Wars & House of M

Unit 44 (Comixology | Review)

Marvel’s Young Inhumans

The Princess Who Saved Herself


The Ghost Brigades

Rick Remender’s Low

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