Winning Science January 23, 2015

As I sit writing Winning Science, I am enjoying a nice, hot cup of coffee. As it turns out, this wonderful cup of joe might just save me from skin cancer. Researchers looked at nearly half a million retirees who were cancer free. They then looked at those who developed melanoma and found that those who drank 4 cups of coffee a day or more had a 20% lower risk of developing melanoma. This information, however, should not drive people’s coffee habits, given that there are other health risks associated with excessive coffee intake.


It might just be me, but whenever I’m drinking that much coffee, I don’t see sunlight. I’m usually chained to a computer…just sayin’.

For those of us in the US, filling up our gas tanks has been getting far less painful, in large part due to the low cost of crude oil. But as gas prices go down, one has to wonder what impact this will have on the development of renewable energy sources. Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu thinks that while it will have some effect, there are other forces that are still pushing the development forward. Chu also takes some time to discuss the future of energy in the country and has a more nuanced approach that I had expected.


Personally I’m enjoying being able to fill my tank for under $50.

Our final story is really one of stupidity. More than 70 people have been infected with measles that have been traced back to trips to Disneyland. This is, however, in no way the fault of Disney. Those most at fault are parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children. These people make decisions that impact not only their children, but also those of other people who might not be able to receive a vaccine, such as those that are immunocompromised. What makes this even worse is that these people base their argument on information that was completely debunked years ago.


While everyone is entitled to their opinion, perhaps those with this opinion should keep their children at home to avoid infecting the rest of us.


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2 responses to “Winning Science January 23, 2015

  1. Now for the clever. (You know I am actually a coffee fiend and don’t just play one on a blog, right?)

    When I am doing the #WeekendCoffeeShare visits, I am looking for pins for my “Coffee and Tea” board. It is not my #WeekendCoffeeShare board. Just coffee and tea. And every image discovered on a blog.

    I’m brainstorming serveral boards like that and eventually my now-crappy Pinterest account that has Sourcerer as a profile will just be Gene’Os account. But every beautiful image on every board will go to a blog post somewhere.

    Which is a roundabout way of saying I like the Winning Science. It is a good feature. And also I am pinning that coffee image 😀

  2. Also, agreed on the vaccines.

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