Around the Web December 11, 2014

The British Film Institute in collaboration with the BBC has restored what is being called the very first science-fiction film ever made.  A Message from Mars is a silent film from 1913 that tells the story of a martian who is visiting earth to show a miser the error of his ways.  Composer Matthew Herbert wrote a new soundtrack for the silent film in fewer than ten days.  It will be available to watch tomorrow online on the BBC Arts website.  The BFI has been compiling British science fiction movies and television shows into a collection called “Days of Fear and Wonder,” which has been running since October.


There is actually no scientific evidence that the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future were not from Mars.

As Game of Thrones season four drew to a close, fans were concerned that the TV show would pass the chronological point of the current last book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  Viewers may be receiving confirmation of that fear through a series of cryptic clues embedded in the official show blog, which is being written by one David Hill.  There are lots of spoilers, so read at your own risk.


(photo via HBO)

Gotta say, I’m super excited for my annual re-watch of the previous season leading up to season five.  Season four was a wild ride, and I think five will be even crazier!

In some feel good news, geeks and non-geeks alike have reached out to the Ferguson, MO public library with donations that have recently topped $350,000 (not even accounting for the value of many donated books)!  The library remained open as a safe space for children and adults when local schools were closed.  The terrible things that have been happening in that town have been front and center in the media lately, so it is always good to hear some good news.

(photo via

(photo via

Hopefully, these donations can help the library begin the healing process for families who come there to get away from the elevated emotions running wild.

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  1. portland182

    The first sci fi film was A trip to the Moon by Georges Melies in 1902!

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