Saturday Reviews: Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead

new gods 1Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead (DC)
Story by Van Jensen, Justin Jordan, Robert Venditti, Charles Soule and Cullen Bunn
Art by Ethan Van Sciver, Goran Sudzuka, Martin Coccolo, Crisscross and Pete Woods
Color by Marcelo Maiolo

I don’t know why I keep reading Green Lantern titles. Maybe it’s because it is one of the two families of books I picked up when I first started reading comics (X-titles being the other). At the time, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps were amazing books being written by Geoff Johns. Less than a year into my comic reading the “Sinestro Corps War” story line began and I was blown away. It is with that in mind that I decided to pick up Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead.

I would love an explanation as to why it suddenly takes a committee to write an event comic. I count five different writers who worked on this story, with two of them writing the script. At least two of them, Charles Soule and Cullen Bunn, have some substantial writing chops, but that still seems more than a little overkill, even for a double-size event opener.  Of course, this event opened like many other DC event books, with a history lesson. I had kind of figured that since the Guardians were dead that any future Green Lantern events would avoid this, but alas, I was wrong. Having said all that, the story isn’t bad. The pacing is a bit off, but the story so far is otherwise interesting and I am on board to see where they are going with it.

It's not bad, I just don't get why.

It’s not bad art, I just don’t get why they need to change every two panels.

Since the story was written by committee, the art may as well be done the same way, or at least that is someone’s theory. There are five different artists listed, though oddly only one colorist (I’m assuming some people do their own colors). On my first read through, I thought there was some kind of pattern as to when a certain artist was used, and at times there is. I noticed that one artist in particular was used for all of the New Genesis scenes, though I’m not sure which one. Outside of that however, it’s a real crap shoot. At times the artist changes pretty dramatically between panels on the same page, which is very odd and somewhat jarring. The sad part is that all the art is quite good, I just wish I knew what the publishers were trying to accomplish. I did love the look of the New Gods. Their Jack Kirby origins were readily apparent without trying to copy his style.

I am hoping that the rest of this series makes a little more sense before it comes to an end. They have my attention, but now they need to sell me on it. 3/5 Death Stars

3 Death Stars

P.S. I’m also hoping this gets rid of most of the other lantern colors. I’m kind of done with them.

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