Saturday Reviews: Guardians 3000 #1

guardians 1Guardians 3000 (Marvel)
Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Gerardo Sandoval
Colors by Edgar Delgado

I’ve been saying for months that people should be reading the Abnett/Lanning run of Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s great on so many levels. While Abnett and Lanning are no longer writing together (due to conflicts over process), fans are fortunate enough to get more Guardians stories from Dan Abnett in the form of Guardians 3000.

Instead of following the current generation of Guardians, Guardians 3000 follows the original iteration of the Guardians of the Galaxy in their adventures in the year 3000. This is one of the best Guardian team and Abnett’s previous experience writing them shows. This issue picks up from the backup in Guardians of the Galaxy #14 and it doesn’t waste any time jumping into the action. Unfortunately things don’t go well for the team (they rarely do). Of course, since Dan Abnett is writing the book, weird things start happening immediately. I really appreciated the fact that he was able to bring into this book some of the same devices that he used successfully in the previous title, such as Starhawk changing genders. It provides the book with a bizarre form of continuity that gives readers a sense that this is more a continuation of older stories than something brand new. There is tons of room for character development, as well as space for all the crazy details and plot twists that Abnett is known for.

I can almost feel Charlie-27 smashing them together.

I can almost feel Charlie-27 smashing them together.

Abnett is once again joined by artist Gerardo Sandoval, giving the reader a clear link to the previous backup story. Sandoval’s art is edgy and reminds me of Humberto Ramos or Chris Bachalo, two of my favorite artists. I really like the line work in this book. Although it’s heavy, it is still clean and appropriately expressive. A lot of credit also has to go to colorist Edgar Delgado. The book is wonderful to look at, due in large part to the colors. While there is an overall color palate, Delgado isn’t afraid to reach outside of that when he feels it would better suit the panel. As part of the story, several pages are repeated at different points and Sandoval and Delgado do a good job of keeping them similar, but adjusting some details to keep them fresh.

One of my favorite feelings is that of suddenly realizing how badly I want something after I already have it.  I had no idea that I wanted Guardians 3000 to be a thing, but now that I’ve read it, I absolutely do. 4.5/5 Death Stars

4.5 Death Stars

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