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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 100, The 2017 Academy Awards


In which, our heroes record their 100th episode and do their annual criticism of the Oscar nominees.  We also discuss quite a bit of current events, especially the recent passing of John Hurt.

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 52, Gone War Gaming


In which, Andrew and staff writer Joseph De Paul AKA Dude get together to discuss cost-of-living in various areas of the country… just kidding, they are talking about tabletop war games, from the very beginning.  Dude provides a pretty thorough, concise definition of a war game, and he and Andrew discuss the moment when they realized that loving tabletop miniature games is not a given in everyone’s lives, and the moment when they fell out of love with them.  They both admit that they have never played Settlers of Catan (at which Tracy was duly horrified).  Dude also describes what is, in his opinion, pretty much the perfect war game: Commands & Colors Ancients, and discusses why he thinks girls don’t like playing wargames.

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Glorious, Wonderful Fluff

Though I may not be a hardcore gamer, I have been playing video games since I was five on my beloved Nintendo Entertainment System (which still works, btw). Through the last twenty-five years I have noticed that while a great in-game story and cunning gameplay are essential to a top notch experience, what puts some of my favorite games over the edge is the wonderful “fluff” that accompanies them. Continue reading


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