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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 100, The 2017 Academy Awards


In which, our heroes record their 100th episode and do their annual criticism of the Oscar nominees.  We also discuss quite a bit of current events, especially the recent passing of John Hurt.

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 24, Oscar Picks, 2015

82nd Annual Academy Awards - "Meet The Oscars" New York

In which, Tracy and Andrew decide to bet on who can most accurately predict the Oscar winners this year.  Tracy gets excited and forgets lots of actor names (Jodie Foster is the actress that people like to pretend is a man, by the way).  Andrew gets sidetracked by the idea of Tangerines in Estonia.  Yes, he did get his orange after the show.

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The Oscar Winners Are In: A Conversation

A little over a month ago, Andrew and I got together to talk through the Oscar nominees and do a small contest to see which of us could pick the most Academy Award winners.  This was especially hard because neither of us had seen most of the movies that had been nominated.  Last night was the 86th Academy Awards show.  Here, today, is our recap of our previous picks, and some minor frustration at just how many we got wrong!

A: So, American Hustle got creamed.

American Hustle was probably snubbed because the actors were not billed in the same order as pictured!

American Hustle was probably snubbed because the actors were not billed in the same order as pictured!

T: Hahaha apparently.

A: Best actor: neither of us got it.

T: I see that haha

A: I’ve developed more respect for McConaughey after watching True Detective, but Dallas Buyers Club just had no appeal for me…  You got supporting actor because I don’t like Jared Leto.

T: I got supporting actor completely by accident.  I just pulled that out of thin air.

A: He’s one of those actors that I just don’t enjoy, no matter what they’re doing…  We both struck out for best actress and I have no idea what Blue Jasmine is about.  We also both missed out on supporting actress, mostly because we both picked Jennifer Lawrence.

T:  Well I mean how were we supposed to know??  We thought she was Hollywood’s golden girl.  I didn’t realize we had cause to think otherwise.

A:  Before this conversation I was enjoying pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.  LOL

T: I’m sure that you were hahahahaha

A: Animated feature…apparently Frozen  is a huge deal and I completely missed that one.  It looked really dumb to me.

T:  It looked dumb to me too, but I keep hearing about adults that went and saw it three and four times in the theaters and memorized that dumb song at the end of it.  What was it called?  “Let It Be?”

A:  IDK.  People start talking about it and I stop listening.

A: On we go.  Cinematography: we both nailed Gravity.  Not a hard call.

T:  Hahaha, yeah, I feel like that movie was made JUST ON PURPOSE to win that particular Oscar.

A:  Costume design goes to you in a tough decision category.

T: I DID call Costume Design!!!  (BTW the site I’m looking at has the films in the wrong order and it’s annoying.)

A: I’m telling them to you in the order that we had them.  Of the three major awards 12 Years a Slave got, directing was not one of them.  Given that, I’m wondering why they’re making quite as big a deal about it being directed by a black director.  I get that it’s the first film by a black director to get best picture, but they obviously didn’t think enough of his work to also give him best director

T: Odd.  That’s… not what either of us expected.

A:  Yeah.  There are times the academy only goes so far…  Documentary feature goes to yours truly for Blind Luck.

T:  Haha fine, I’ll give you that one

A:  I’m also glad to see they figured out who to nominate.

T:  Hahahahaha yeah

A:  Documentary short was a miss for both of us.

T:  Lame

A:  The magic eight ball lied to me.  Ggggrrrrrrrrr…  We both got film editing, again for Gravity, a no brainer

T:  I’m still trying to figure out how this order goes.  The way they have the winners highlighted is confusing.

A:  You won foreign language film.

T:  Always go with the southern European film.  It’s a sure thing.

A:  I think they’ve actually be going with Asian films lately.

T:  Also, The Lone Ranger was ROBBED on makeup.

Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

A:  I don’t know about that, but it was a terrible category.  They deserve an award from making Jared Leto look like a bad queen?  I know people who could do a better job for $50.

T:  Yeah, that was a poor pick.  And Gravity winning for the best original score is dumb.

A:  We both missed original score and original song.   I think Frozen won this because Idina Menzel performed it.  I can’t really judge Gravity’s score without having heard it.  It might be awesome.

T:  It might… /in a tone that is heavily doubtful/

A: Scifi movies often have killer scores….  Anyways, best picture we both nailed.  Kind of saw that one coming.

T:  Production Design!!  Yeah, we got that one right.

A:  Also not a hard one.  Especially given the other choices.

T:  Out of the park, baby!!

A:  Gatsby was betting on its look.

T:  Well it certainly paid off!

A:  Ok, now to short films; and yes, we both suck at animated short film guessing.

T:  Apparently.  Although, to be fair, our reasoning wasn’t very solid to begin with in this category haha.

A:  Not at all.  BTW, they took the easy way out so nobody had to try and pronounce those names.

T:  Bahaha! That was probably on purpose…  I got the live action category right, though!

A:  Sound editing and sound mixing… I still don’t know what the difference is and we got both wrong.

T:  Dammit!  I was so sure I had a solid pick there–I was hoping at least one of those two would be right.

A:  We suck from here on out.  Just to let you know.  Visual effects, writing adapted screenplay and original screenplay all were misses.

T:  Gravity cleaned up the Oscars overall!!  I’m not convinced that it deserved all of those…

A:  I don’t know about that.  They’re all technical awards, and I’ve heard pretty amazing things about the technical aspects.  Also, Her  won original screenplay?  The movie just looks creepy!

T:  Ok, so what are our final scores?

I would like my very own one of these, please.

A:  You win 8 to 5.

T:  WOAH! Really?? I rock at this game

A:  I got let down by American Hustle.  I’m just impressed that they didn’t get any of the ten awards they were nominated for.

T:  Yeah, that’s pretty bad.  It looks like Martin Scorsese has been snubbed again.

A:  He’s already got his token award.

T:  LOL.

Sadly, I realized after my sweeping victory that Andrew and I had neglected to establish the prize for the winner of our Oscars pick game.  I will remember to get that settled up front for future games!!

Did you watch the 86th Academy Awards last night?  Were you impressed with the decisions or were there undeserving winners or perhaps deserving losers who were snubbed?  Let us know your opinions in the comments!  Also, all of the nominees and winners for each category can be found here.

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Oscar Picks: A Conversation

The list of nominations for the 2014 Academy Awards was released yesterday, so Andrew and I decided to make it into a game.  We originally thought about gambling for pennies, but have now come up with a ridiculously complex system of points by which one of us will be named the winner (ok, it isn’t that complex).  Below is a transcript of our Oscar conversation, slightly edited for content and brevity. -t

Best Actor Leading Role

A. Christian Bale, because of his epic beer gut that is on display in several scenes.  It’s disturbing but Oscar worthy

T. Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave.  Oscars eat that stuff up.  (I’m also really excited to see an actor from Serenity nominated for anything at all!)

His beer belly has a personality all its own.

Actor in Supporting Role

A. Jonah Hill.  The Wolf of Wall Street as a whole is sooo crazy.  The potential for him to walk with the Oscar is high

T. Jared Leto because he’s a rock star!

Actress in a Leading Role

A. Sandra Bullock because of the torture she put herself through for that movie.

T. Meryl Streep.  The line about Julia Roberts looking like a lesbian was hilarious to me.  Apparently, she also has the record for most Academy Award Nominations.

Actress in a Supporting Role

A. Jennifer Lawrence.  She doesn’t deserve it, but she will get it.

T. Jennifer Lawrence.  For the same reason, but I’m mad that Andrew said it first.

But she IS smoking hot.

Animated Feature Films

A. Despicable Me 2.  It wasn’t amazing, but of the choices, it was the funniest.  Minions:  that’s all that needs to be said.

T. The Wind Rises.  Miyazaki said that this will be his last film and I think the Oscars will want this brilliant creator to go out with a bang.


A. Gravity.  As crazy as that movie was, it has to be Gravity.

T. Gravity.  It was beautiful and there was little action to take away from the gorgeous shots of space.

Costume Design

A. American Hustle—not for the lack of bras, but because of the god-awful vintage clothes and decor that made me think, “Oh no!  Oh god, this WAS the seventies.”

T. The Great Gatsby.  The costumes were absolutely stunning, over-the-top, and larger than life (sorry for the redundancy).  I absolutely loved the clothing.


A. 12 Years a Slave.  If this guy wins, he’ll be the first African American to win best director, and with Scorsese being out of the picture (no pun intended) on Oscar principle, I think this is an opportunity too good for the Awards to pass up.

T. I’m going to go with American Hustle for this.  I think that the Oscars want to give this movie a top honor, but I think other movies will beat it out in other categories.

Steve McQueen (far right) would be the first African American director to win an Academy Award.

Documentary Feature

A. 20 Feet From Stardom, because I want to know what the hell “nominees to be determined” means.  Do we not know who made the movie?  Did we not watch the movie, but we’re voting on it?  Were there only five documentaries this year and all five were nominated?

T. The Act of Killing.  I don’t know why, but I’m drawn to that name.

Documentary Shorts

A. Prison Terminal, because the magic eight ball said so

T. Facing Fear, because the Oscars love anything by a Cohen

Film Editing

A. Gravity

T.  I’m going with Gravity also.  Andrew, stop stealing my picks.

Foreign Language Film

A. The Missing Picture, because I was unaware that Cambodia was making movies.  I’m glad to see they’ve moved beyond killing, but this is still a disturbing development.

T.  I don’t see any French movies.  How am I supposed to pick if there isn’t a French movie?  I guess I’ll go with Italy.  Which movie was made in Italy?  Oh, The Great Beauty.  Of course.

No punchline necessary.

**We considered for a while, and decided not to recognize or NOT recognize Palestine as a country.  Therefore I Geek will take a stance on many things, but the Middle East peace process is not one of them.

Makeup and Hair-Styling

A. Really?  Only three in this category?  Fine.  Since they half-assed it, so will I.  I’m going with Jackass.

T. The Lone Ranger, because it required more makeup on Johnny Depp alone than in the other two nominees combined.

Music (original score)

A. John Williams for The Book Thief.  It’s always classical music from him.  No way to go wrong with that.

T. Thomas Newman, Saving Mr. Banks.  I even commented on the score after I got out of the movie.  It was perfectly matched to the mood onscreen.

Music (original song)

A. “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 because I’ve seen the movie.  I don’t actually remember the song, though.

T. I haven’t seen Despicable Me 2, but I did hear the song “Happy” and I really like it.  So I’m going with that one.

Best Picture

A. I refuse to vote for Nebraska, because when it came out every other interview on NPR was about the movie, and I was tired of it before it even hit theaters.  I’m going with 12 Years a Slave.  It’s been making a lot of waves

T. How in the world is Megan Ellison nominated as a producer twice?  She produced American Hustle AND Her.  She basically has twice the likelihood of winning.  Just for that, I’m going with 12 Years a Slave.

Production Design

A. Great Gatsby.  They nailed that art deco.

T. Great Gatsby.  I saw the work they had to do behind the scenes… Everything was on green screen; it was phenomenal.

The top is the final scene; the bottom is the same scene before CGI.

Short Film (animated)

**We considered taking a break at this point and watching all the short films, but after realizing that they probably aren’t that short and also that it might take us a couple of days to find them, we changed our minds.

A. I’m voting for Get a Horse! because it is an imperative sentence.

T. Room on the Broom, because you know exactly what it is about from the title.  The whole plot is spelled out in that phrase.

**We lost our place at this point and completely skipped the next category… but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since neither of us have seen any of the nominated films.  Obviously, we came back to it later.

Short Film (live action)

A.  I vote for the completely unpronounceable one because I want to see them try to pronounce it; especially if it’s a particularly stupid presenter.

T.  While I applaud Andrew’s solid method of choosing a candidate, I’m going to pick Helium, because in my head it is about a very annoying young child whose mother gives him too many balloons at a fair and he floats away, never to be seen again.

Sound Editing

A. I want to know what the difference is between sound editing and sound mixing…  I’m just gonna say The Hobbit because I don’t care anymore.

T.  I think that I will pick The Hobbit for one of these sound ones and Lone Survivor for the other one.  Heads for The Hobbit, tails for Lone Survivor. (Andrew flips)  He says it’s heads, so The Hobbit.

Sound Mixing

A. I’m still going with The Hobbit.

T.  Well, The Hobbit was my pick for sound editing, so I’m going with Lone Survivor.

Visual Effects

A. I’m going with Iron Man 3.  Three words, “House Party Protocol.”

T. I think at this point I’ve forgotten to pick things that I think will win and am now picking movies that I hope will win.  I hope Iron Man 3 gets SOMETHING from the Oscars, so let’s go with that one.

House Party Protocol.

House Party Protocol.

Writing (adapted screenplay)

A. Before Midnight.  I didn’t see it, but Richard Linklater did a fantastic job with A Scanner Darkly.

T.  The Wolf of Wall Street, because I think this is the only award they can give that movie without any fear that Martin Scorsese might appear to have been awarded in any way whatsoever.

Writing (original screenplay)

A.  American Hustle.

T.  I considered Blue Jasmine because of Woody Allen, but the Awards love to encourage indie films in this category and the closest thing to indie that has been nominated is Her.

**The Academy Awards will air on March 2, so stay tuned and see who wins our little Oscar pool (and the comentary that will ensue).

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