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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 115, Alien: Covenant


In which Dude and Andrew talk about the disappointment that was Alien: Covenant. While Andrew wants to like it more than Dude, it’s still not enough to make up for the films flaws. Andrew also goes on a bit of an rant involving some creative insults aimed at Bill Maher.

Show Notes:

Dark Crystal

Star Trek Discovery

Bill Maher Blames Comic Movies for Trump

Guardians lawsuit

Ian Mckellan Hobbit tennis balls



Alien: Awakening

Danny McBride

Michael Fassbender

Alien Covenant Prologue (The Crossing/Last Supper)

Callie Hernandez

Blade Runner Trailer

Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer

Kingsman red band Trailer

Paul Reiser


Handmaid’s Tale

Napoleon: A Life

Bandai Star Wars Models

America’s Bank

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Saturday Reviews: The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 1

dark crystal 1The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths (Archaia)
Concept by Brian Froud, Written by Brian Holguin
Illustrations by Alex Sheikman and Lizzy John

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal is a cinematic classic that helped define movies in the 1980s. For those who haven’t seen it (quick spoiler alert) the movie follows a gelfling named Jen on a quest to return a piece of the Dark Crystal before the Thra’s three suns align and the evil Skeksis gain immortality.  This universe came from the mind of Jim Henson, so there are all kinds of wonderfully bizarre creatures wandering through it. Archaia’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 1 takes all of that wonderful material and expands on it, giving fans a deep new repository of story to enjoy. Continue reading

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