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Is Star Wars Relevant?


Star Wars is arguably the most popular science fiction franchise in history. Since the release of A New Hope in 1977, George Lucas’ dream has been defying expectations and reinventing the motion picture industry. Having said that, as we slowly approach the release of The Force Awakens later this year, I have started to realize that it is assumed that Star Wars is relevant to modern geeks, and to wonder if Star Wars it truly is.

After much consideration, I have to say that it is still relevant. This conclusion was not made easily. I am a massive Star Wars fan. My new office will be decorated almost exclusively in Star Wars stuff, from prints and posters to action figures and unique pieces of art. I have seen all of the movies countless times, and while Empire Strikes Back is my favorite, the original trilogy all fit into my top ten favorite movies of all time. Despite all of this I had my doubts. Something deep down inside me was telling me that I couldn’t justify jumping to the obvious conclusion without spending some time to really evaluate and not just answering what my ten year old self would want me to. Continue reading

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 25, Stolen Sci-Fi Themes

combo poster

In which, Tracy and staff writer Kurt Klein watch three SciFi movies and discuss how they are similar to other, more famous SciFi entertainment.  Kurt reveals that he has watched Space Balls over 400 times, and Tracy discovers that it is possible to play six degrees to Alien with almost anything.

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