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Happy Independence Day!

The staff here at Therefore I Geek would like to wish all of our American readers a happy (and safe) Independence Day celebration this 4th of July.  We hope your day is full of all the traditions and especially all the fireworks that your heart desires!


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And the Winner is…

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our 4th of July. Winning the Captain America apron is Matt Foote and the Captain America figure goes to Angela Ng. Thanks to everyone who participated and look for future giveaways from Therefore I Geek.


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4th of July Giveaway Bonus!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Day 3 of our 4th of July giveaway and I’m here to announce that we are upping the ante. In addition to the amazing Captain America apron that we have already put on the table, we are now giving away a Captain America figure from Funko POP!.

captain america

This figure will be given away to a second lucky person who enters our giveaway. That’s right, two prizes and two winners! All you have to do is Like our Facebook page and share the Facebook post. If you want a bonus entry (and a chance for both prizes) just like any of our blog posts. Stay tuned Monday for the winners.

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Around the Web July 5, 2013

Independence Day is always a fantastic excuse for a cookout. Thanks to Wired, we have a pair of competing articles trying to win that age old argument of gas vs. charcoal. This time they’re using science. I love it when food and science mix.


This is why my grill has both gas and charcoal. I win!

A Dallas auction house will soon be auctioning off the original cover from Batman: Dark Knight Returns #2. This is one of the most ground-breaking comics in history and one of the two that started the Modern Age of comics. And it just looks cool.


Any body have a few hundred thousand dollars I can borrow?

I guess even Dark Lords of the Sith need to stay in shape someone how.


Seriously though, they are willing to call nearly anything a world record at this point.

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