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Guest Blog | Why I’ve Never Liked Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon and ubiquitous reading material among millenials. It’s easy to see why – the books are escapist, fun, and relatable. So sometimes I feel very alone when I make the startling confession: I really don’t like Harry Potter at all.

My reasons for dislike are numerous, but tend to all come back to a central problem. The first half of the series is for children; the second half is for adults. That’s fine,having the characters grow with the audience is brilliant as a marketing strategy; but in this instance, it deals a body blow to the continuity of the story. The contrived, cobbled-together world of Hogwarts and the greater Wizarding World is perfect for a children’s series. Ghosts as teachers? Cool! A school with a vicious three-legged dog hiding behind a door where a talented first-year could easily find it? Exciting! This kind of world serves perfectly for a story about a young boy from an abusive background who gets to escape the doldrums of suburban England and jet off to wizarding school.


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Editorial | Inconsistencies, Deus Ex Machina, and the Modern Fantasy Reader

If there is one thing that I abhor in literature and in real life, it is inconsistency.  I also despise inefficiency and incompetency, but those usually apply to the workplace more than to the bookshelf.  Still, inconsistency stands out as a peeve that has grown from a cute, cuddly pet—an endearing idiosyncrasy—to an enormous, vehement monster, which is ready to jump out and rant away at any time.  Usually this happens when I am alone in my room, but occasionally bursts out during conversations with people who always like me just a little bit less after the fact.

My friends would have me believe—and in fact I actually did believe for quite a while—that I am alone in these crazy tirades, but I have recently learned that I am not.  Indeed an entire generation of readers now thinks the way that I do, and our prayers have been heard by the gods of our beloved genres:  the Authors themselves. Continue reading


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