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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 111, Geek Parenting: Pre-Arrival

In which Becky and Andrew talk about the joys and horrors of being expecting parents. Andrew is certain that he is going to drop the child, and Becky is equally certain it will be Andrew’s fault. The couple take an honest look at what they hope life will be like and how little they actually know.

Show Notes:

Felicity Jones

Harley Quinn Smith


Puppy Training Class

Big Dumb Cat

Groupon – Star Wars Maternity Shirts

Night Night Groot


Screwing up your children


This is Us


Pulp Fiction

Star Wars Rebels

Infinity Gems

Tidewater Comicon

Rob Liefeld

Captain America

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Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 94 Rogue One

In which, the hosts of Therefore I Geek reach a full consensus about a Star Wars movie for the first time in their careers, nearly causing Dude to rage-quit.  The crew discusses why star destroyers don’t use their main artillery, the ridiculous design of the giant satellite tower, and why Dude doesn’t like Felicity Jones.

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