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Staff Writer | Girls Go to War, Pt. 2

Hello again, folks.  In my last post I talked about a subject near and dear to my heart:  war games, both table top miniatures and board games. I also noted the absence of women and girls as players on these games. I set out to see if I could glean a reason for this phenomenon, and had a couple of female gamers place a war game called Command and Colors Ancients.

To me this is an interesting subject to talk about because it seems to be one of those few things, even with the current trend of girls and women entering what were mostly male activities and hobbies, that is still mostly untouched by females. While I don’t think there really is a nature vs nurture fight (this is to say I don’t think it can be 100% one or the other: it is likely both) I do think every now and again we run face first in to the wall of nature. It just might be that war games offer just that wall, but also a window to which we can look at ourselves. Continue reading

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Staff Writer | Girls Go to War, Pt. 1

Now-a-days it is very hard to be a part of anything geeky without the topic of gender/sex coming up. It’s a topic I am fascinated with. Fans of things like comics, video games, or action movies are stereotyped as overweight, socially awkward man-children. Of course, this is not a perfect representation of geeks, as anyone who reads this site could tell you.


Joan of Arc

However, one can’t escape the fact that boys tend to outnumber girls by a wide margin in other areas of geekdom. One of the place where this is most apparent is among the very niche genre of war-gaming. especially table top and board games. While the gals have proliferated almost every other realm of geekdom, however this is one in which their presence is almost non-existent. I want to figure out why, if possible and what it tells us, if anything? Continue reading


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